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10 Reasons to Never Visit This Private Naked Northwest Spa

So you want to get naked at a hot spring, good for you! However, you might want to read some of these reviews from some of the "clothing optional" hot spring locations around the Northwest before you decide to venture out. Some of these reviews are so bad, you would think they are not even written by real people. For instance, the Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort seems like a great place to visit with a 4.1 out of 5 rating, until you actually read the negative reviews.
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Adorable Animals, Big And Small, Enjoy Watermelon At Zoo

You know how every date on the calendar seems to be celebrating something? An obscure food holiday, the anniversary of an invention, or a social cause are all examples of national or international day categories that fill up the year. In fact, there's so many "special" days that they are often stacked on top of each other! So if Watermelon Day on August 3rd passed without you noticing, we understand.

Mike Tyson Says Hulu ‘Stole’ His Life Story For Series

Mike Tyson has a long history of fighting on cable and streaming channels, but right now he’s fighting with a streaming channel. So that’s a little different. The target of his ire is Hulu, the Disney-owned streaming service that is getting ready to premiere a show called Mike. As you might suspect, it is a biography of one Mike Tyson, where the boxing great is played by Moonlight’s Trevante Rhodes. And the real Tyson is not a fan.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Passes ‘Titanic’ on the All-Time Box Office List

Top Gun: Maverick is still flying high, more than two full months after its release. Last weekend, Top Gun: Maverick grossed another $7.0 million in U.S. theaters. That’s a drop of just 16.4 percent from the week before, in an era when most big movies routinely drop 50 to 70 percent every single weekend until they just vanish from theaters. Instead, the long-awaited Top Gun sequel keeps making money week after week after week.

Need Better Boundaries? It Starts With 3 Simple Interactions

Life is full of adventures, twists, turns, bumps in the road and so many lessons, repeated over and over until we learn. Learn what? I suppose boundaries for one! I got the chance to catch up with Emily Jameson, a Trauma Aware Transformational Life and Taboo Coach, and we covered not only how to set some boundaries but also the importance of learning when to say no.

Top 5 Worst Old Washington Sayings from the Older Generation

Top 5 Worst Old Washington Sayings from the Generation of Our Parents and Grandparents. If you grew up in Washington, you no doubt heard your parents and grandparents have certain sayings that stick with you to this day. Some of the old sayings from our parental figures are hilarious, some of them are unrepeatable, and others might even deserve to be passed on down to the next generation. Do you remember some of those old Washington sayings from your grandparents and parents?