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AG Ellison Cracks Down On Scam Robocalls

ST. PAUL -- Minnesota is cracking down on phone scams. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has joined the Anti-Robocall Litigation Task Force. The Task Force of 50 attorneys general has one goal: to crack down on illegal robocalls. The AG’s office estimates robocall scammers stole more than $29 million in 2021.
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Ashley McBryde Accidentally Started a Fire in Dolly Parton’s Home

Imagine reading a headline that says, "Dolly Parton's House Burns Down After Ashley McBryde Microwave Mishap." Perhaps that's a bit dramatic, but it almost happened!. The "Martha Divine" singer was happy to divulge some of her most embarrassing moments while doing an interview with Audacy's Rob + Holly at the Faster Horses Festival. The biggest whoopsie-daisy had to be her experience house-sitting for Parton and that she neglected to read the instructions on a Bagel Bites box.

The History of and Why People Settled in Duelm

WJON's small town series brings us to Duelm in St. George township in Benton County. Duelm is an unincorporated community located along Duelm Road near 110th Avenue. Stoney Brook flows through the community. Duelm was originally settled by Germans from the town of Dülmen The spelling is different with the two community names but the pronunciation is close to the same.

Ely Woman Sentenced For Sex Trafficking Young Daughter

A few months ago we reported on the horrific story of a mother, Daisy Joy Buley, who was arrested for trafficking her 11 year old daughter for money and drugs. Buley pleaded guilty to first degree aggravated sex trafficking. She was sentenced to 94 months in prison, avoiding a maximum 25 year sentence. She must also register as a predatory sex offender.

New Rules May Be Coming To Protect Consumers Requesting Refunds Of Airline Tickets

Flight changes and cancellations are nothing new to us travelers; but since 2020 things seem to have escalated to a new level. It's almost as if the consumer, who is spending their hard-earned money to fly to their destination, whether it be for work, family matters, or vacation is at the mercy of the airlines. The US Transportation Department has received so many complaints that they are ready to make big changes, including getting you your money back.

Duelm in Pictures [GALLERY]

WJON's Small Town series continues with the focus this time on Duelm. Duelm is an unincorporated community in St. George Township in Benton County south and west of Foley. The community is located along Duelm Road near 110th Avenue. Stoney Brook flows through the community.

Sidewalk Art in Sauk Rapids Provides Inspiration

The Benton County fair has been going on all this week, and if you don't get there early in the day, you may wind up parking a few blocks away. But this isn't all bad. Yes, I did wind up walking a bit further than I may have wanted to, being that it was an every day event at the fair, but walking along the sidewalk provided some positive feelings. Inspiration, even.

NASCAR Champion Kyle Busch Escapes the Mall of America During Shooting

NASCAR champion Kyle Busch and his family were inside the Mall of America yesterday afternoon when shots were fired. Bloomington police said no one appeared to be injured, and were still searching for a suspect after securing the scene shortly before 6 p.m. The police said two groups at the mall got into an altercation at a store and one group left, but someone in that group fired three rounds.

Do You Think Gov. Walz Handled This Question At Farmfest The Right Way?

Yesterday was the first day of Farmfest in Southern Minnesota. If you've never been to Farmfest before it is where producers, politicians, and rural lifestyle meets to talk all things ag. It's also, generally speaking, one of the first events for those running for office to form an impression with those living outside the Twin Cities metro. Yesterday Gov Walz, and his Republican opponent Dr. Scott Jensen, squared off in their first debate. While the Governor was at Farmfest he took some questions of those assembled. One man asked the Governor about the events that unfolded after George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer, to which the Governor didn't get the chance to reply.

New Housing Development Gets Green Light in Becker

BECKER -- A new housing development got the green light from Becker Wednesday night. Avalon Estates will bring 22 twin homes, two apartment buildings, and three out lots to a ten-acre lot next to the Community Center. The Becker City Council unanimously approved a conditional use permit that finalizes the...