New Museum Exhibit Features 3 Greatest Illinois Foods Of All Time

The Elmhurst History Museum has an amazing new exhibit featuring the big three of Illinois foods. I think sometimes Illinois gets a bad rap because of the political corruption but there are so many great things about our state too. That includes many incredible museums. Of course, we have the big ones like the Field Museum of Natural History but there are also many hidden gems.
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Illinois Baseball Bat Co. Helps To Make Players’ Dreams Come True

If you're a baseball fan or player, a bat company in Illinois will make you a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment. I absolutely love summertime in Illinois. It brings back great memories from when I was a kid. My friends and I didn't sit inside all day playing video games. Well, our parents wouldn't let us. I would wake up in the morning, eat some breakfast, throw on some clothes, jump on my bike, and go. I would leave my house early and not get home until dinner time. We would spend the day mostly doing whatever fun activity that seemed exciting at that time. Most of the time it included swimming, basketball, football, and more. There was definitely one sport we fit in just about everyday.
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Cameron Diaz Comes Out of Retirement For New Netflix Movie

Cameron Diaz hasn’t had a starring role in a movie since 2014, when she appeared as Miss Hannigan in the modern remake of Annie. After that, Diaz stopped working and in 2018 confirmed she was “semi-retired” from acting, reportedly because she disliked all the travel. Eight years...

What Is ‘Stranger Things’ Upside Down?

We’re approaching the season finale of Stranger Things Season 4, and we’re hoping to finally get a full explanation of what the Upside Down is and how it works. How is it connected to Hawkins? How is it connected to One? Why is it so powerful? And what are the various levels of the Upside Down and how do they all relate to one another?

6 Things You Should NOT Buy At An Illinois Dollar Tree For $1.25

I love Dollar Tree because I'm always looking to save as much as I can and they're conveniently located right down the street from my apartment. Dollar Tree is a small store and I know where everything is located within a a few feet of each other around the store. I like that! As for Walmart, that's a whole mission to get to point A to point B... IF the product is in the location you think it is.

Wisconsin Woman Pretended She Was Kidnapped. This Didn’t End Well.

GIVE ME ATTENTION!!! Isn't there a better way to do this, ma'am? Sing karaoke, dye your hair pink, get a tattoo that says LOOK AT ME!?! SG. The price of EVERYTHING is going up, COVID appears to still be hanging on, there's a war raging, etc etc...Getting kidnapped isn't a laughing matter, especially when kids go missing all the time.

This Place is Apparently the Best For a Naked Vacation in Illinois

The news of a proposal allowing public nudity on beaches in Evanston got me thinking. If you aren't aware, a public nudity ordinance in Evanston, a northern suburb of Chicago, could be going away. That means beaches in Evanston will become essentially topless beaches. So while residents of the area...

You Won’t Believe What This Illinois Idiot Did To Political Signs

I bet you didn't know it was a felony to do this illegal act to political signs in Illinois. I have to admit, I got a little confused for a minute. I'm so used to elections being in March and November, that I couldn't figure out why my mom was talking about the Illinois primary being in June. I was wondering why there was so much political advertising going on already. Then I remember, yes we do vote this month.

There’s a New Most-Watched Movie on Netflix

In this week’s battle of Netflix movie stars there is one clear winner: Kevin Hart beat Chris Hemsworth and Adam Sandler. That’s because Hart’s new Netflix film, The Man From Toronto, topped the streaming service’s list of most-watched movies around the globe. Netflix users watched over 53 million hours of The Man From Toronto last week. The action comedy also stars Woody Harrelson and was directed by The Hitman’s Bodyguard’s Patrick Hughes.

‘Who’s the Boss?’ Sequel Series In Development at Amazon

We may finally get an answer to the age-old question: Who’s the Boss?. That query served the title of one of the 1980s and early 1990s more popular sitcoms, starring Tony Danza as the working-class live-in housekeeper to a well-off, divorced working woman played by Judith Light. The show, which also starred a very young Alyssa Milano as Danza’s daughter, Danny Pintauro as Light’s son, and the great Katherine Helmond as Light’s wisecracking mother, was a hit for most of its eight seasons on the air.

Groovy. Illinois Is Home To The World’s Only Memorial To Hippies

If you haven't been to Arcola, Illinois, you're not really missing too much. I had the pleasure of spending 2 days in Arcola about 25 years ago. I honestly don't remember why I was down there. I went there with my dad and we stayed at an older couple's house because there aren't any hotels in Arcola, I don't think.