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Queen Announces ‘Rhapsody Over London’ Streaming Concert Special

Queen and Adam Lambert have announced Rhapsody Over London, a new concert special that will premiere on July 24 via Kiswe's global streaming platform. Filmed at the O2 Arena during last month's sold-out, 10-day run, Rhapsody Over London will also feature a live Q&A with Brian May, Roger Taylor and Lambert, who will field fan questions backstage from the Nokia Arena in Tampere, Finland, on the penultimate date of their Rhapsody Tour. Fans who purchase tickets can submit their questions by July 19.

Here’s What Happens When You Call The ‘Stranger Things’ Surfer Boy Pizza Number

Can't get enough of the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things? There's a little Easter egg in the show that you can try for yourself with some pretty cool results. Stranger Things Season 4 Parts 1 and 2 have both finally been released on Netflix. Have you seen both parts yet? Don't worry, there won't be any spoilers whatsoever in this article. However, I will say that after that ending, I hope we don't have to wait too long for season 5 to be released.

Bear Aware! How To Survive Bear Encounters in Washington

For most of us, a day in the Mountains or a National Forest means a day full of beauty, wonder, and exploration. There’s truly nothing like a hike or secluded camping trip in the wilderness, but with that comes responsibility and awareness of your surroundings – you should know what to expect before you go, especially when it comes to wildlife encounters. For instance, what is the plan if you encounter a bear, how can you limit your chances of an encounter, and if attacked, how should you react?

Is It Legal To Turn Left on a Red Light in Washington?

Can You Make A Left Turn On Red In Washington State?. Nothing is more frustrating than someone not knowing the rules of the road. I've been driving for many years and I'm always not surprised when someone doesn't follow the road rules. We usually call them a jerk in our heads as they pass on by but occasionally one rule or law seems to evade us.

James Cameron Says It’s ‘Okay to Get Up and Go Pee’ During ‘Avatar 2’

This truly brings new meaning to the phrase “the way of water.”. Calling James Cameron’s Avatar sequels “epic” would be an understatement and a half. Cameron isn’t just making one or two of these movies; he’s producing four more Avatars basically simultaneously. And he‘s been developing them in some form or another since not long after the original Avatar opened in theaters back in 2009. Everything about this franchise is big.

Luxurious & Private: See Inside Stunning Pacific Northwest Island Estate

When someone brings up the idea of living on an island, most people imagine an island in the tropics with lush jungles and palm trees. Well, for those of us living in the Pacific Northwest, we know that living on an island in paradise doesn’t necessarily involve warm oceans and coconuts – Puget Sound is home to hundreds of islands with amazing homes, pristine beaches, and lush forests - and now, one of the most coveted Pacific Northwest island estates is up for grabs - and it is absolutely breath-taking.

An Open Letter to the Owner of This Awesome Boat Vehicle in Tri-Cities

We've all seen something on the road that made us take a second look. Sometimes, we've even turned around and gone back to take a closer look. This was one of those moments. Nope. A friend of mine texted me the above photo. The driver of the boat, or vehicle pulled in front of her to make a presumable stop at Walmart. My friend did some investigation and the vehicle did have a license plate. It was on wheels. Is this a boat or a car, or both?