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Delaware And Otsego Counties Police Blotter: June 22 To June 30

All crimes described in police media releases are allegations. Named suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. 66-year-old Dzemil M. Mujanovic was arrested by Delaware deputies on charges of criminal possession of weapons and criminal contempt. Mujanovic had seven long guns after a Family Court Order of Protection requiring him to surrender all long guns and handguns.
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‘Friends’ Co-Creator Embarrassed by Beloved Show’s Lack of Diversity

Marta Kauffman, co-creator of Friends, is now speaking out about the show's lack of diversity. In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Kauffman admits that she feels "embarrassed" about the lack of diversity the show had. Speaking on it, she said: "I’ve learned a lot in the last 20 years." This led her to continue by saying: "Admitting and accepting guilt is not easy. It’s painful looking at yourself in the mirror. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know better 25 years ago."

Cardi B Wants to Get Her New Music Promo Over With So She Can Get a Tummy Tuck

Cardi B is ready for her next venture. For, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper is now ready to go under the knife after she gets promotion over with for her new music. Taking to her Instagram Stories on June 30, she shared that she is planning on getting a tummy tuck after she initially got liposuction back in 2019. "This stomach, is giving tummy tuck," she said while showing off her outfit to fans.

Imen Siar: From Singing Into a Mop to Hearing Herself on the Radio (Q&A)

Imen Siar's career is just getting started, but she's rapidly finding a place for herself in the industry. The 23-year-old singer kicked things off by lending her voice to the Arabic version of David Guetta's "Family" alongside featured rappers Ty Dolla $ign and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. The English-language version of the track features none other than Bebe Rexha, putting Siar in an exclusive group of pop heavyweights.

YouTuber and Minecraft Gamer Technoblade Dead at 23

YouTuber Technoblade has passed away at age 23. He was diagnosed with cancer last year. This week, Technoblade's father uploaded one last video to the YouTuber's channel. In it, he announced that his son had passed away from cancer. His father recounted his love for his son and he also recounted the YouTuber's final days.

Wheels Or No Wheels: Paved Oneonta Trail Is Ready For Action

Thanks to $50K in jumpstart grant funding from the Future For Oneonta Foundation (FOF), a non-profit whose mission is to improve the quality of life in Oneonta, NY through grant awards and strategic planning, another section of the Oneonta Susquehanna Greenway Trail is complete and ready for use. It's the Mill Race Trail and the best part is that the section of the trail through Oneonta's Neahwa Park is paved and therefore more inclusive for those who are wheelchair-bound. Below the trail is marked to show you where the new trail runs.

Springbrook Can Now Start ‘The Ford On Main’ Building Renovations This Month

It was in May of 2021 that Springbrook, one of the largest employers in Otsego County and beyond, announced an ambitious housing project to create affordable apartments in the Ford block building which extends from 186 to 212 Main Street. Springbrook can finally get that project going now that more than a year later, they have just closed on the purchase of that property. Springbrook is calling the building "The Ford on Main".

How to Find the Song That Will Save You From Vecna on Spotify

If you've ever wondered what song would help you escape from Vecna, Spotify's got you covered. The streaming app has partnered with Netflix on their new Upside Down playlist, which taps into a user's Spotify history to formulate a list of 50 songs that would help you break free from Season 4 villain Vecna's trance.

Ms. Marvel’s Bangle: What’s Its Secret Origin?

The MCU’s version of Ms. Marvel gets her powers — or at least harnesses her innate powers — through the use of a magical bangle. The full history of this object hasn’t been explained. But so far the Ms. Marvel show has already dropped some major clues about its origin. The show mentioned that Kamala Khan’s ancestor found it on the arm of a blue alien — presumably a Kree like we saw in the Captain Marvel movie. So could it be one of the famous Nega Bands worn by the original Captain Marvel?

New Bride Conned for 10 Months by Husband Who Was Actually a Woman in Disguise

A woman in Indonesia claims she was conned out of thousands of dollars by her new husband after she discovered he was actually a woman who had disguised herself. In documents obtained by The Mirror, the victim, referred to as NA, claims she entered into a relationship with a person claiming to be a man — identified by the initials AA — who she met through online dating.

11 ‘Hidden Gem’ Dining Experiences in Upstate New York

New York State probably has more famous and top-rated restaurants than any other state. Arguably, many of them are in New York City. But the Upstate region is no piker when it comes to fine places to eat. You can find award-winning restaurants in the big cities like Syracuse, Albany, Binghamton, and Buffalo, and also you can find them in smaller towns and villages. Little "off the grid" places.

Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man Acknowledges Thanos Butt Theory In New Video

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Ant-Man? Sure, there’s the fact that he’s played by the incredibly versatile Paul Rudd. Maybe it’s the fact that he was an active member of the time-heist in which the Avengers stole the Infinity Stones back from Thanos. Or maybe you think of the gigantic plot hole from between Infinity War and Endgame.

Dad Storms Out of Sister’s Wedding After She Deadnames His Transgender Son

On Reddit, a protective father shared how he called his sister out for disrespecting his son, which resulted in him promptly storming out of her wedding. The single father-of-three took to Reddit explaining his son, Connor, 15, came out as transgender five years ago. The man and his sons were invited to his sister's wedding, who was "pretty indifferent" to Connor's transition.