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The Kindergartener Who Got on the Bus and Never Came Home

Mount Morris, Michigan. 1970-something. It was the first day of school, and it was one particular young man's first day of kindergarten. He was the oldest child in the family, which meant this was a first for his mother too. The school bus picked the excited boy up in the driveway for the afternoon kindergarten session, and off he went.
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It’s Here! The Survival Guide to Driving in Lansing

I moved to Lansing early this summer, and quickly realized there are some definite nuances about driving on Mid-Michigan roads. 2+ months in; that makes me an expert now, right? (I know, I know.) Here are a few of the things I've learned. Speed Limits Are Suggestions. Speed limit sign...
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Moment of Sportsmanship During Little League Game Goes Viral

Texas is wild about its youth sports. Fiercely passionate. Recently in the world of Little League baseball, the Wylie Abilene team had an outstanding season making it all to the Southwest Regionals. Unfortunately, they lost to a very powerful Tulsa National team. However, there's no denying these young men have...

The Worst Movie Mistakes, And How to Easily Explain Them

Stan Lee is famous for co-creating the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and the X-Men, but one of his coolest inventions is almost totally unknown beyond hardcore comics fans. It was called the “No-Prize.” As Marvel’s popularity exploded in the 1960s, Lee’s gregarious public persona fueled the books’ letters columns, which were flooded with enthusiastic fan mail. Marvel’s carefully plotted and interconnected comics universe drew extremely attentive readers, who soon noticed that despite Lee and the Marvel staff’s best efforts, some stories and moments didn’t quite add up. The Hulk might show up in an issue of The Mighty Thor, the same day he was supposedly in the Negative Zone in his own book.

What You Need to Know About Road Rage in Michigan

Road rage in Michigan is a serious problem. Did you know that 50% of fatal accidents usually involve some sort of aggressive driving. I read a story the other day about a road rage incident that took place recently which involved the shooting of a man who was driving with his wife in the car.

Disney Has More Worldwide Streaming Subscribers Than Netflix

Since the inception of streaming movies, Netflix has been the industry leader. They essentially popularized the concept when they transitioned their DVD by mail business to stream movies directly to customers’ homes. And since that move began in 2007, they’ve been number one. To some, the word “Netflix” is almost synonymous with streaming, the same way people interchangeably use “tissues” and “Kleenex.”

Unidentified Flying Object Seen in Vicksburg. Can You Explain It?

Okay, we really need to figure this out. In the early hours of Wednesday (8/10) morning, a cylindrically shaped light was spotted in the sky in the Vicksburg area. The person who spotted it is asking to remain anonymous. To be clear, they're not claiming this is a UFO or spacecraft of any kind. They genuinely want answers about what they witnessed.

Too Bad The Detroit Tigers Can’t Fire Their Owner

There's a sneaking suspicion among fans, the Detroit media, and some MLB circles, alike, that Chris Ilitch isn't really interested in the Tigers. It's not just that he lacks the passion and love for baseball and the Tigers that his father had in spades, either. There's a belief that Ilitch's dispassion for his MLB franchise verges on downright apathy.

Look: 11 Hilarious Michigan Road And Street Names

Michigan drivers know that our roads are not always fun to drive on. You have to constantly be on alert to dodge bad drivers, potholes, and wild animals. The one bright side is we do have some hilarious street names to see along the way. 11 Hilarious Michigan Road And...

What to Do This Weekend: Melons, Mint, Tequila & More

Hard to believe we're already into mid-August! If you've been itching to get out and enjoy this Michigan summer, there's no better time than this weekend to get out there!. Here are some fun things you can plug into this weekend that are within a two hours' drive of Lansing (August 11-14, 2022):

25 Great Places to Take the Kids Before Summer Ends

Before you know it, the summer will be over and the school year will be here. And for some children, it'll be here sooner rather than later...I mean, have you seen the back-to-school items on store shelves yet? Because I have. Sorry, I know that summer coming to an end...

Inside the Abandoned Native American Boarding School & Asylum, Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Construction on Mount Pleasant's Native American Boarding School began on October 18, 1892. According to Wiki, it “started as a small school authorized by the federal government and operated by a mission of the United Methodist Church.....previously been known as the farm school". It's mission was to educate the local Native American children and in January 1893 classes began with a total of seventeen students.

2 Michigan Cities Named Among The Worst in America to Visit

Another day, another slam on Michigan. just came out with its list of "The 40 Worst Cities to Visit in the United States", and the Mitten State is home to two of the entries. Detroit. Come on. This one's like picking low-hanging fruit. Lazy. Every since the once-booming metropolis...