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Richland Police Need to Know Who’s Driving This Blue Sedan, Do You Know?

Richland Police are looking for the driver of the photographed vehicle. On Friday just before 9 am, a weapons complaint call was made to Dispatch. The caller stated that a male in a blue sedan flashed a handgun and potentially fired a shot near Meadow Springs Golf Course. The caller reported that as they tried to leave the scene, the suspect followed them. When Richland Police Officers arrived at the scene making contact with the reporting party, the suspect fled the area in the photographed blue sedan.
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Top 5 Best Things Yakima Valley Likes to Put Tajin on It

MOVE OVER, SPICE GIRLS, MAKE WAY FOR THE YAKIMA VALLEY. Ah, the Yakima Valley! We like it kinda spicy 'round here! Don't believe me, just watch what people sprinkle on their fruit at the next barbecue you go to in the Valley. I can say with some certainty that if there is some kind of fruit or vegetables at the potluck, somebody is going to bust out the Tajin spice, especially if it's summer time.

Something to Celebrate This 4th of July As WA State Nears Its 133rd Bday

I'm pretty sure it was a super hot day across the hemisphere when America became a certified country in 1776. It's hard to believe that was 246 years ago. When you think of it that way, the United States of America isn't really that old. Our neighbors to the north, Canada, are even younger as a country than we are (they only gained independence from The Queen in 1867).

Why Popular KISS FM’s Switch To 105.3 FM Is A Good Thing

Looking for KISS FM? We’ve moved up the radio dial to 105.3. With this new frequency comes more power, to reach more radios. We joke that we’ve got “a bigger stick,” because of the new 105.3 KISS FM radio tower, which transmits a 100,000-watt signal. That’s double power, reaching listeners in surrounding areas like Ritzville, Walla Walla, Benton City, and beyond with a richer, clearer broadcast.

See Who Is Stalking Your TikTok Page in 3 Easy Steps [VIDEO]

WARNING: PEOPLE CAN SEE IF YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING AT THEIR TIKTOK PAGE!. I don't know about you but I like to see who has been looking at my social media pages. Yesterday, I wanted to see if one of my former flames had been curious enough to see what I have been up to on TikTok. Our breakup was abrupt and I am still quite sad to be honest, but at least I know that he is still thinking of me because he showed up amongst the people looking at my page! The caveat to that news though, is that he only viewed it when he had become one of my TikTok "followers" and that was before we broke up. Hopefully, he will continue to "see me" on TikTok and maybe if I make a cute enough video he will even give it a "heart" despite our current distance!

An Open Letter to the Rest of America: You’ve Got Washington All Wrong

My name is Pete and I've lived in Washington for the past two decades. I'm fully aware of what you think Washington is like. To be fair, I thought the same thing at first. My earliest memories of Washington are from when I was five or six. I was living on the Oregon Coast and we would drive up to visit my aunt and uncle when they lived in Pasco. I remember my dad explaining to me what the Tri-Cities were. When we moved to Iowa, we visited Tri-Cities less but we eventually moved here. When I told my Iowa friends I was moving, they had two common misconceptions.

Super-Cute Jokingly Not Haunted Kennewick Home Goes Up for Sale

A super-cute Kennewick home has come on the market and it's adorable. The listing is from the Phipps Team and it looks like this house is back on the market. The house is located at 2409 Albany Ave in Kennewick. It's got 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2200 square feet, and costs $395,000. It was built in 1953 and also has a full basement.

Remarkable Video Shows Sneaky Cougars Too Close to Home

Another possible cougar sighting was reported Monday night in a Kennewick residential neighborhood. A woman who was sitting on her porch claims she spotted the cat at 11 pm walking along the side of a home on Arrowhead Avenue near Osborne Street. The neighborhood is across the highway from Columbia Park. The Benton County Sheriff's Department advises anyone who spots a cougar to report the sighting by contacting non-emergency dispatch at 509-628-0333.
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You’d Be Amazed To Discover Washington’s #1 Crop Yield Per Acre Isn’t Apples

Washington State Is Known For Our Apples Across The World. Apples are synonymous with Washington State but you'd be surprised to discover that Washington's #1 yielding crop would upset most Idahoans. Washington State Has Crops That Yield More Than Just Apples. Make no mistake, apples are a huge part of...

The 5 Closest Beautiful Beaches Near Yakima: An Hour Away or LESS

With gas being so high, it's great to get away to a beach that's only an hour's drive away or LESS! When people in Yakima talk about driving down to the beach, typically that means they are heading to somewhere near Ocean Shores along the Washington coast. Don't get me wrong, it is GORGEOUS and relaxing at Ocean Shores but let's face it, these gas prices are too dang high! I know I wouldn't be excited to plan a beach trip that's over 5 hours away; the fuel bill alone would be about the same price as a night's stay in a hotel or Airbnb!

Scenes of Seattle’s Pride Weekend [MINI-GALLERY]

Scenes of Seattle's Pride Weekend from a Yakima Girl's Point of View. When I tell you I had so much fun this weekend, I mean it! I struggled to get my child on a her flight out of town, then I stumbled upon Pride Weekend in Seattle, enjoyed King's of Comedy's own Cedric The Entertainer performance, and finally, I slept in my car by accident! Whew, let me fill you in on why my day was so disastrous, yet FUN and fulfilling!