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Tropical Development off Louisiana Coast Possible Next Week

The National Hurricane Center's Five Day Tropical Outlook popped up with a surprise this morning, that surprise could be a tropical system right on Louisiana's coast by early next week. Before you run to Home Depot to stand in line for a generator read a little further so you have a better picture of what forecasters are saying about the tropics and a potential impact in Louisiana.
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The Safest Neighborhoods in Lafayette and Acadiana

Unfortunately, every Parish, city, and neighborhood in Acadiana has crime. Instead of focusing on the negative, we figured we'd rather talk about some of the fantastic neighborhoods throughout Acadiana and highlight "The Safest Neighborhoods in Lafayette and Acadiana". Let's go... The Uniform Crime Reporting Program has just released its latest...

Governor John Bel Edwards on Roe v. Wade

When running for his first term before becoming Louisiana Governor, John Bel Edwards was very firm on his stance that he is pro-life. The Governor, this week, signed a bill by Louisiana legislator Katrina Jackson that strengthens Louisiana's so-called Trigger law. The Trigger law means that all three of Louisiana's abortion clinics have to shut down.

Tyler Hubbard Slows Down in New Song, ’35’s’ [Listen]

Tyler Hubbard is debuting his second official solo tune with "35's," out Friday (June 24). The song finds the former Florida Georgia Line duo member singing about slowing down and simply enjoying the journey of life. The song has a cold open, as Hubbard jumps right in by describing his...