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Tiny Houses In Amarillo? Yeah, Not Really.

There was a time when the hottest fad in America was small, tiny, and decluttering. Marie Kondo was a household name known for getting rid of basically everything except your essentials, and reality shows were made based on tiny houses. You know what I'm talking about, right? Those little homes...

Amarillo Man Indicted for Death of Five in December

Back on December 22, 2021, a family of 5 was killed when someone ran into them head-on as they were out looking at Christmas lights. Larry G. Rolen II was arrested and charged with four counts of intoxicated manslaughter. He was also charged with one count of intoxicated assault. A...

Walmart Employees In Borger Raising Money For CMN

Children's Miracle Network has been serving the kids of the Texas Panhandle for over 35 years and the Walmart in Borger is hosting a fundraiser to help this organization. Coming up on Saturday, July 9th, make your way to the Walmart in Borger from 11 am - 5 pm for Food Trucks for Kids.

[PHOTOS] You Feel Like a Kid Once You Enter the Wonderland Gates

I don't care how old you are the moment you walk through the gates of Wonderland you automatically become a kid again. All the rides. All the fun. Even if you are an adult you watch your kiddos and grandkids get excited as they inch up closer and closer to being able to ride a big kid ride. Even watching them on the kiddie rides brings so much joy.

Prairie Dogs Take Over Lubbock Taco Bell [Video]

Everyone has that one fast food place that they consider a guilty pleasure. Even if you never eat fast food and you do your best to cook for yourself, you can’t help heading to that drive-thru when the cravings really kick in. For me, that guilty pleasure is Taco...

This Clothing Style Now a No-No in Dumas ISD Schools

Let's face it, going to school is tough these days. Our kids are faced with insane challenges each day. From learning to dealing with bullies and violence. The rules of the school are getting stricter each year. Being a kid and an individual is what shapes us into the adults...

Amarillo Adults Get to Relive Their Youth at the Skating Rink

Remember all the fun times at the skating rink growing up? I mean all the great music you heard. You had to skate out there when your jam came on. How excited you got when they declared it couples skate. Or they played a fun game of limbo. You had so many great memories of your time that mom and dad dropped you off at the rink for the evening.