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San Angelo “Dive Bar” Tradition Honored In New Book

They are the stuff of legend, especially here in Texas--"Dive Bars". The term itself has evolved since it was first coined in the 1880's. Back then, "dive bars" were often basements where patrons "dived below" to indulge in often unsavory activities. These bars were the epitome of disreputable. That was...
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Riding In Style: Is This Emmitt Smith’s Cowboys Car in Texas?

The lifestyles of NFL players is one that few get to experience. Big homes, big paychecks, and even big cars. Admit it, we're all jealous right?. But with social media and other media helping take a peek at these lifestyles, we can somewhat feel like we're living them right? I mean I've always wanted to drive a Ferrari.

Are Waterpark Splash Pads a Playground for Poop?

There is nothing like a refreshing visit to a water park during hot summer days. One of the most popular attractions at a water park is the splash pads. The kids love them. Little do most parents know, but splash pads can also be a playground for poop. That's right,...

Beware of Killer Beach Umbrellas…It’s Not An Urban Myth

Beach or patio umbrellas are supposed to be a decorative touch on patios or by the pool or beach. No one would ever think that a beach umbrella could be deadly. The latest deadly umbrella incident happened in South Carolina on Wednesday (8.10.2022). Tammy Perreault, 63, was sitting at a local beach when a sudden gust of wind picked up a nearby beach umbrella. The umbrella flew into the air and punctured her through the heart. She died an hour later in a nearby hospital.

Reyna’s Annual Taco, Margarita & Michelada Music Fest Is Coming!

The 2nd Annual Reyna’s Taco, Margarita & Michelada Music Fest is taking over Ranch 277 in Christoval Saturday, September 17th with an awesome music lineup and more!. They’ve cooked up a whole lot more than Tacos for everyone with an awesome music lineup! Headlining this year’s festival is the Josh Abbott Band. The music lineup also features the Judson Cole Band, EVòLuzìon & Texas Double Shot.

Why Are Texas Phone Bills About to Go Way Up?

If you use a phone and who doesn't, you're about to pay more here in Texas. Last month the Texas Public Utility Commission voted to raise rates on a surcharge service providers must pay for voice services. This was not a subtle increase. The rates jumps from 3.3% to 24% That is almost a jump of eight times.

Up for A Ghost Hunt at Fort Concho?

This could be a little more than a spooky Ghost Hunt because there are a lot of people that believe Fort Concho is haunted by ghost!. A lot of various unexplained strange things have reportedly happened at Fort Concho including reports of Full-body apparitions, shadow figures, phantom footsteps, poltergeist activity, disembodied voices, even physical touches and more have all been reported at this huge and perhaps truly haunted historical landmark.

The Halloween Spirit Store Will Open Soon In San Angelo

Usually, I get the Halloween spirit when the first Fall chill hits the air. This year, I must be getting premature Halloween spirit, due to all the pumpkin spice in the air. Pumpkin spice, afterall, is the official flavor of the Fall season, the one everyone seems to go hysterical over. It is already showing up everywhere.

What Are The Top 5 Texas Comfort Foods?

Comfort foods are something that helps you out of a bad time, maybe depression or just a terrible day at work. Here are the top 5 comfort foods for Texans. Definitely a Texas and southern favorite. Nothing takes you back to mom's or grandma's house better than a good chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and gravy all made from scratch.

Chad Prather And The Ragamuffins Are Coming To San Angelo

Get ready to be entertained as comedian, musician and armchair philosopher Chad Prather and the Ragamuffins comes to Murphey Performance Hall this Sat, Aug 13th!. Chad is not necessarily what you would think of expecting in a stand up comedian. Not only is he a very funny man but he brings much more to the stage including knowing how to motivate and inspire as he makes you laugh! This is a live comedy tour like none other that you have experienced.