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Why ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Was Better Than ‘Book of Boba Fett’

Obi-Wan Kenobi is done after its six episodes on Disney+, and we thought it was a much more enjoyable experience than the last Star Wars TV show on streaming, The Book of Boba Fett. And if you put the shows side by side and compare them, one big difference between the two leaps out at you: The use of flashbacks. They make all the difference between a really successful show, and a really frustrating one.
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‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’ Is In Production in Greece

There may not be a less likely franchise in the history of movies than My Big Fat Greek Wedding. A low-budget independent romantic comedy, the film became a massive word-of-mouth hit in the spring and summer of 2002, and wound up grossing $241 million in the U.S. alone. Its writer and lead actress, Nia Vardalos, then spun the film off into a television series, My Big Fat Greek Life, which lasted for a single season on CBS and then into a direct sequel, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, in 2016. While not quite as wildly popular as the original, the sequel still grossed way more than its budget.

Tropical Development off Louisiana Coast Possible Next Week

The National Hurricane Center's Five Day Tropical Outlook popped up with a surprise this morning, that surprise could be a tropical system right on Louisiana's coast by early next week. Before you run to Home Depot to stand in line for a generator read a little further so you have a better picture of what forecasters are saying about the tropics and a potential impact in Louisiana.

Good News: Cooler Weather is On the Way for Shreveport

Cross your fingers, because it looks like our collective weather-prayers are about to be answered!. According to the latest forecast from the Weather Channel, the Shreveport - Bossier City area is about to leave those sweltering, triple-digit temperatures behind - at least for a little while. The weekend is still projected to be in the 100° - 105° range, but all of that looks to be changing for the better on Monday.

Louisiana State Trooper Charged with DWI

A Louisiana State Trooper has been arrested on a charge of DWI. State Police Troop D got word from police in Atlanta, Georgia about the arrest of the off duty trooper. Shortly before 2am Thursday morning 34-year-old Aubin Young of Lake Charles was arrested for DWI and other traffic charges following a traffic stop. Young is currently assigned Troop D in the Lake Charles area.

‘Titanic’ Returns To Theaters For 25th Anniversary

When you think of the romance genre, what's the first film that comes to mind? There’s a pretty good chance you immediately thought of Titanic. If so, you’re in luck. For the film’s 25th anniversary, James Cameron is bringing the movie back to theaters across the country for a wide release. Not only that, but the movie will be presented in 3D 4K resolution, with an increased frame rate to reduce the usual eye strain that can come with the 3D format.

Original ‘MST3K’ Star Joel Hodgson Returns to Host First Episode in 30 Years

Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 are beyond excited for the newest episode of the show. The movie-spoofing series has long had a rotating cast, with different hosts and comedians appearing as the marooned astronaut and his robot buddies. The newest episode that’s appear to premiere will feature the return of series creator and original host, Joel Hodgson, for the first time in since 1993 — nearly 30 years.

This Stranger Things Star Was A Texas Theatre Kid

The Netflix series Stranger Things has done it again. The show has taken over the world with clever dialog, phenomenal storylines, and incredible acting. Which is pretty impressive since fans had to wait nearly 3 full years to get this new season. Back in 2016, the series blasted onto the...

‘Stranger Things’ Knocked Out of Top Spot of Netflix Most-Watched Shows

From the moment Stranger Things Season 4 premiered on Netflix, it was the service’s most-watched show. The latest batch of episodes is the most popular English-language series in the company’s history. To date, subscribers have watched 883 million hours of Season 4 of the show alone. In sheer number of hours consumed, that’s more than any Netflix series ever except for Squid Game.

Will Shreveport Abortion Clinic Have to Close?

Now that the United States Supreme Court has handed down its ruling overturning the Roe V Wade decision on abortion, what will happen in Louisiana?. State lawmakers passed a so-called "trigger law" which would effectively ban all abortions in Louisiana if the high court overturned the Roe decision. According to...

Can the Summer Heat and a Water Bottle Start a Fire in Your Car?

We All Leave Plastic Water Bottles in Our Car Right?. There will be times when I will go for a much-needed swig of water and it's hot water that sat in the car for far too long. Up until recently, I thought that the only harm in leaving my water bottles was a crime against myself when wanting a drink of water. I was wrong. It turns out that a water bottle left behind in a vehicle can cause some serious damage.