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Can Legally Withhold Rent From Your Landlord In New York State?

Is a tenant legally allowed to not pay their landlord in New York State? If you rent an apartment or house in New York, there may be certain times when you can withhold or reduce your rent payment to your landlord. Thankfully, for renters, New York offers a number of protections against slumlords or landlords who just can't seem to fix problems in a timely manner.
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Myths That Are Not True About Buffalo New York

Anytime people find out that you are from Buffalo they always assume certain things about you and Western New York. The first question that most of us get asked is if we eat wings for every meal. Or another question we get asked a million times is, does it snow every single day of the year.

8 Famous Alumni From Bennett High School

There are a lot of things to take pride in while living in Western New York. From our Buffalo Bills and Sabres to having the best wings in the world, Buffalo is a unique place that holds lots of history and nostalgia. The pride also includes what school you went...

New City Council Maps Released For Buffalo

Every ten years after the US Decennial Census, state and local governments start the process of redrawing their political boundaries. This process, known as Restricting, has been happening in the United States since the first US Census was taken in 1790. The U.S. Census Bureau provides the 50 states, the...

5 Legendary Food Brands From Western New York

Buffalo has a lot more going for it than the Bills and wings, my friend. Have you ever looked at the label of one of your favorite foods to see where it was made? Trust me, a lot of people don’t. I’m one of those nerds (or weirdos, your pick) who loves to know where the food I’m eating comes from.

Supreme Court Gun Law Ruling Is ‘Reckless,’ Says New York State Lt. Gov.

The Supreme Court recently struck down New York's concealed carry law on Thursday, June 23, 2022, potentially making it easier for dangerous people to carry guns in public. The 6-3 ruling was divided among ideology lines, with the 6 conservative judges voting to strike down the law and the 3 liberals voting to uphold the law. I spoke with New York's Lt. Gov. Antonio Delagado about it, and he said,

Seriously?! Buffalo, New York Drivers Massively Annoyed By THIS

The words “parallel parking” have made many Western New York drivers break out into a cold sweat since they were a teenager. We’ve all been there…you're driving down a busy street, you’re late, and there’s no parking in sight. The cars are bumper-to-bumper along the side of the road. Then, suddenly, you spot it: that perfect spot right in front of the restaurant where you’re going for dinner! The only problem? It’s between two other parked cars, and the space is tight.

Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade

In a landmark decision on Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court is overturning Roe v. Wade, the decades-old ruling which legalized abortion nationwide. The decision came while the high court was considering a case out of Mississippi where the state attempted to ban abortion after 15 weeks. Conservative Justice Samuel Alito...

I’m Donating My Hair In Support Of Roswell Park & Bald For Bucks

Bald for Bucks started 20 years ago, back in 2002, thanks to a teacher at Lake Shore High School, but you may not know exactly how it came about. Mr. Anthony George started Bald for Bucks back in the Spring of 2002. He told his sister Cathleen, who was battling cancer, that he would shave his head with her and remain bald until her hair started to grow back.

Best Summer Events This Weekend In Western New York

It’s the first full weekend of the summer, and you probably want to soak up the sun as much as you can while you relax and enjoy the weekend. For this weekend of June, there are a lot of events planned in Western New York that are sure to get your summer underway! If you can’t decide on what to do this weekend, don’t worry; like every week, we have narrowed down the top events for this weekend.

Panic Alarms For Classrooms In New York State

In the wake of the recent shootings in Buffalo, New York and at a school in Texas, New York's Governor is calling on schools in the Empire State to install panic alarms in classrooms. According to reports from this week, the move is named Alyssa's Law after a 14-year-old student...

5 Foods That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

Summer is officially here in Western New York and that means hot humid days are ahead of us. We have already seen what summer has in store for us this week. Temperatures in the 80s with the heat index in the 90s make for some very hot and sweaty afternoons.

This Is The Scariest Town In New York

Words are powerful and so are names and this is one city in New York State that you will want to avoid heading to based on its name. When you think of New York State you think of the rolling hills of Western New York, the Mountains in the central part of the state, and of course New York City, aka the Big Apple.

14 People Wanted By The Erie County Sheriff For Warrants [Photos]

The Erie County Sheriff's Office is looking for these folks who have outstanding warrants. These are the most recent 'fugitives.'. If you know their whereabouts, contact the Erie County Sheriff’s Office at (716) 858-2903. Any information you report will be kept confidential. DO NOT attempt to apprehend any subject yourself.

Tom Brady Fires Back At Josh Allen After Comments On A Podcast

It's official. Josh Allen is getting inside Tom Brady's head. Here's how we know...Tom Brady is finally talking back. How many years has it been since Tom Brady spent even a second of his time talking about a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills? It feels like it's been forever. But now, he's taking the trash talk to a whole new level with Josh Allen.