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Air Force Cadet Killed in Crash at Saylor Creek Range

MOUNTAIN HOME, Idaho (KLIX)-A 19-year-old Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps cadet died in a crash Friday afternoon at a military training exercise in Southern Idaho. According to Mountain Home Air Force Base, the cadet, McKenzie Wilson, was among 19 other AFROTC cadets training at the Saylor Creek Range at around 12:30 p.m. when her HUMVEE was involved in a crash. Life-saving measures were performed by other trainees until first responders arrived on scene. Wilson, of Eagle River, Alaska was pronounced dead at the scene, she was attending Oregon State University. Officials said two other cadets were injured in the crash and taken to a Boise hospital for treatment and later released. Idaho State Police is in charge of the investigation with help from the Air Force Office of Special Investigation.
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5 Ways to Get Cheaper Gas and Stretch Every Drop in Twin Falls

Gas prices are continuing to climb and they have reached all-time highs. With summer traveling and the Fourth of July fast approaching, there is no reason to think a decline will happen anytime soon. Due to the prices going up so high, many of us are looking for any way possible to save money by either alternative options or finding that one place that has affordable gas. While it may be tough to find a place selling gas significantly less, there are ways to cut down usage to save money in the long run.

AMBER Alert Out of Nampa Canceled

NAMPA, Idaho (KLIX)-An AMBER Alert has been issued for two young Idaho children that are under the care of a babysitter. The Idaho State Police sent the alert Monday morning on behalf of the Nampa Police Department worried for the safety of an 11 month old girl and one year old boy.

7 Things You Missed at Gordy’s Highway 30 Music Fest this Year

Gordy's Highway 30 Music fest has come and gone, and we have to wait until next year to enjoy another fun-filled festival at the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds. It lasted four days, 32 bands took the stage, gallons of beer were drunk, and hundreds of pounds of food were consumed. It was hot but also had some nice evenings as well. The music was fantastic, the food was good, and overall it seemed to be a success. Everyone has their reasons for wanting to attend, being the music, the food, the environment, or even people watching. There is so much going on at all times, that it is impossible to see everything, but here are some things you may have missed from this year's Gordy's Highway 30 Music Fest.

Homicide Under Investigation in Heyburn

HEYBURN, Idaho (KLIX)-Authorities are investigating a homicide that happened in Heyburn on Thursday. According to the Heyburn Police Department, officers responded to the Elk Meadows Subdivision for a person who was shot. On arrival they found an adult female deceased. The suspect was taken into custody. Idaho State Police is assisting the Heyburn Police Department with the investigating. The suspect has not been identified.

These Reviews of Boise Strip Clubs Will Make You Facepalm

No matter what business you get into, there will always be the potential for problems. Whether those problems include food quality, customer service, or perhaps the condition of your place of business... people will find any reason to pick at a local business. The same rings true for strip clubs...

Classic British Cars Come to Twin Falls

I don’t believe I could fit inside a Mini Cooper. Even when I was a young and thin man I couldn’t into a Miata owned by a friend. Or at least when the top was up, however. I still like the looks of a lot of small cars and especially the styling Europeans bring to automobile design.

Kip Moore Announces 2022 Fire on Wheels Tour

Kip Moore has added 21 tour dates to his 2022 calendar. The Fire on Wheels Tour will begin Sept. 8 in Utah and stretch across the country before it ends on Nov. 12 in Cleveland. The Fire on Wheels Tour gets its name from Moore's new single, "Fire on Wheels."...

Is Idaho a Patriotic State Compared to Other States in the United States?

Fourth of July is fast approaching and soon many of us will be celebrating with family, on a lake, cooking out, and blowing things up to celebrate the greatest country on Earth. There are many ways to celebrate, but the important part is to show your love for this great country and appreciate the freedom that we have that others do not. There are multiple ways to show how patriotic you are. You can fly a flag in front of your house, serve the country by joining the military, thank a veteran for their service, or even wear the American flag. When it comes to being a patriotic state, which states do it better than the rest, and which states need to show more American pride?

Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade

In a landmark decision on Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court is overturning Roe v. Wade, the decades-old ruling which legalized abortion nationwide. The decision came while the high court was considering a case out of Mississippi where the state attempted to ban abortion after 15 weeks. Conservative Justice Samuel Alito...

Idaho Home to the Best Ran City in the United States, But it Isn’t Boise

Living in a city has many pros but also cons. There are more people, more traffic, and often things are more expensive. There are also pros to being closer to hospitals, and groceries, there is more to do than in small towns or the country, and there are more job opportunities. Some cities are just too big while others don't seem to have enough. Most people have a certain city that is their favorite. Some prefer Los Angeles for its weather or New York for all of its shows, or maybe Las Vegas for the nightlife and gambling is more your style. They are all run differently, but which city in the United States is run the best?

FDA Orders Removal of All Juul E-Cigs From U.S. Market

The FDA has said farewell to Juul product sales in the United States. Thursday morning, the Food and Drug Administration announced that Juul electronic cigarettes and vaping devices must be pulled from the market in the United States. According to KWQC, the FDA examined an application from Juul to keep...

Does Competition Have A Habit Of Ruining Your Idaho Campouts?

In my experience over the past four decades of camping in the great outdoors, I've developed a theory that there are three different kinds of camping groups. There are those that go to party (group 1), those that go off-grid to enjoy nature with friends and family (group 2), and those that bring an awful lot of toys and games with them to spark competitive fires (group 3).

The One And Only ‘Tater Salad’ Comedian Is Coming To Fort Hall

Ron White is going to be making a stop in Idaho at the Shoshone-Bannock Hotel and Casino this summer. This is a comedy show you are not going to want to miss. Ron White is part of the original Blue Collar Comedy Tour gang, alone with Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy, and Larry the Cable Guy. Ron White has been known as "Tater Salad" because of one of the most iconic and quotable jokes from his Blue Collar Comedy Tour days. I would not consider Ron White to be family-friendly. He has a tendency to be a little raunchy, but incredibly hilarious. He is known to drink scotch and smoke a cigar throughout his entire performance. And he will make you laugh uncontrollably.

Why Taking Pets into Certain Stores Needs to be Monitored in Twin Falls

Most people that have pets love them and treat them like a member of the family. Often we will buy them gifts for holidays, take them on vacation with us, and let them sleep in our beds, but there is a thing as being a little too obsessed and taking it too far. It is possible to love your pet a little too much, and this is coming from someone that loves my dog more than most people. We all have errands we have to run weekly and places we need to go, but if you are unable to go to places without your dog or cat, then it might be time to reevaluate. Yes, some circumstances are different, such as service animals or emotional support animals, but should stores be more strict in allowing animals into their places?

New K9 Joins Magic Valley Fish and Game Team

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-A new dog is in town to help Magic Valley wildlife managers enforce laws and help with search and rescue. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game introduced Riley, a two-year-old chocolate lab that will begin training with his handler, Senior Conservation Officer Jim Stirling. Riley will help detect wildlife, search for evidence, and help with search and rescue efforts when needed. The pup joins three other K9s in other parts of the state with Idaho Fish and Game. “The Department’s goal is to eventually have a K-9 officer in every region,” according to Stirling, “the dogs have shown themselves to be a very effective enforcement tool, which makes our jobs of detecting wildlife violations more efficient.” Riley will also interact with the public. The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation has helped fund the K9 program to buy equipment for dogs and their handlers.