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Hot Wheels: Do You Drive One of New York’s 10 Most Stolen Autos?

Car thefts are on the rise across Upstate New York. After falling in 2020 due to the pandemic, reported thefts are already double in 2022 what they were in 2021. Each year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau compiles a list of the make and model of the most stolen vehicles in each state from law enforcement data. Called the "Hot Wheels" list, these cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans are more valuable to thieves because of their popularity, availability, or perceived worth.
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Best Selling Tea Kettles

I know we're at the beginning of summer so maybe a hot cup of tea doesn't really sound that appealing, but I love tea kettles! They're cute, they're functional, there are different styles and types. You can stick to the classic kettle that whistles and sits on your stovetop, or try the electric kettle which typically has multiple settings for different types of teas or the beautiful and mysterious glass teapot for making herbal teas! Either way, I've got a list of some of Amazon's best selling kettles for you!
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Want to Be an Upstate NY Lifeguard? You’re in for a Bigger Pay Day!

It is not easy to be a lifeguard, and because of that, less and less people have made the choice to become one. There has been a well-documented shortage of lifeguards across the state of New York, something that has impacted people both downstate, and here in upstate. It's becoming increasingly hard for pools, lakes and other water-based businesses to find people to man these critical seasonal positions.

Great Disney Plus Movies You Might Have Missed

Streaming services like Disney+ always emphasize their new titles. That makes sense; their primary goal is to perpetually add new subscribers, which in turn boosts their bottom line and their stock price. So the coverage of these sites is always about what’s new. (ScreenCrush is certainly not immune to this phenomenon.)

3 Alleged Violent Incidents Land A West Winfield Man In Jail

State troopers arrested 26-year-old Tyler Rose after he allegedly struck a person who has not been identified. The victim claimed Rose was violent during three separate incidents, the most recent on June 19th, resulting in Rose being arrested, according to a state police media release. Rose is facing multiple charges...

Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade

In a landmark decision on Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court is overturning Roe v. Wade, the decades-old ruling which legalized abortion nationwide. The decision came while the high court was considering a case out of Mississippi where the state attempted to ban abortion after 15 weeks. Conservative Justice Samuel Alito...

FDA Orders Removal of All Juul E-Cigs From U.S. Market

The FDA has said farewell to Juul product sales in the United States. Thursday morning, the Food and Drug Administration announced that Juul electronic cigarettes and vaping devices must be pulled from the market in the United States. According to KWQC, the FDA examined an application from Juul to keep...

Your Alexa Will Soon Be Able to Mimic Your Voice

The world is creeping closer and closer to Black Mirror every day and this upcoming Alexa feature proves it. At its re:MARS conference on Wednesday (June 22), Amazon showed audiences its brand new Alexa technology. Alexa will soon be able to mimic the voices of dead relatives using less than...

GALLERY: 10 More Charming Upstate New York ‘Main Streets’ You’ll Want To Visit

When it comes to historic, charming and classic small town Main Streets, Upstate New York has an embarrassment of riches to share with visitors to our region. A while back we published a gallery of a dozen of the best "main streets" in our region. The story was the most popular we have ever published over the years. In fact, more than a million people viewed that story! With an eye to that, here are another ten to add to your road trip bucket list.

‘Elvis’ Review: Baz Luhrmann Gets Caught in a Biopic Trap

There were many Elvis Presleys. The young, gorgeous Elvis who transformed pop music with a quiver of his voice and a wiggle of his hips. The movie star Elvis, who cranked out one musical after another and nearly lost his audience for good. The sequined jumpsuit Elvis, thrusting and karate kicking his way across the stage of the International Hotel in Las Vegas. And finally, the bloated, exhausted Elvis who seemingly worked (and drugged) himself to death.