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If You Love Old Glory, Replace Her Honorably in Time For Memorial Day

With Memorial Day approaching, I think it's time to go over a few things. I love my country. I respect the heck out of our nation's flag. I am the dad that recites The Pledge Of Allegiance if I happen to be at my kids' school when they are doing so. I thank every single active military member and our amazing Veterans every time I come in contact with them. I am proud that these same values are instilled in the rest or our family.

The First Public ‘Cannabis Lounge’ In Michigan To Open In Kalkaska

The growing cannabis industry in the state now gets lounges where people can come in and smoke, eat or just chill. The first cannabis lounge will open in Kalkaska on June 1. Kalkaska has been one of the surprising success stories since the legalization of recreational cannabis was approved in November of 2018. The small town has six dispensaries among its 2200 residents, making it one of the highest per capita weed stops in the state. So it's only appropriate that the first public lounge be in that northern Michigan city.

40 Years Ago: James Hetfield Plays First Metallica Show on Guitar

In 1996, retired Back Bay High School English teacher Judy Schreiber fondly remembered one of her senior students from the Class of '82, telling the Los Angeles Times that she saved his essay, among others, as an inspirational writing example to share with struggling students. “He wrote me a composition...

The Worst Moments in the ‘Star Wars’ Prequels

Full disclosure: I didn’t set out to write this piece. In fact, I planned to write something close to the opposite of this piece. With Obi-Wan Kenobi streaming on Disney+, and Ewan McGregor returning to the title role for the first time in 15 years, fan sentiment about the Star Wars prequels is at an all-time high.

Inside the Buildings in the Ghost Town of Watson, Michigan

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter these properties. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property. The pictures in the below gallery depict the Michigan ghost town of Watson...NOT to be confused with an entirely different Watson in the lower peninsula's Allegan County. Nope, this one is in the UP's Marquette County, a far cry from practically everyone and everything else. And best of all, it's a ghost town.

Michigan Man Returns Library Book 40 Years Late

This is the most adorable and innocent story of a man returning something 40 years late. My first thought was, "was this guy attempting to wait out the late fees like some of us did with Blockbuster videos except the library never closed?" No, that's not it at all. A man named Pier Fazzalari was reading one of his favorite childhood books, "Cloverleaf," to his daughters when he noticed something strange. The book was stamped with "Dresden Elementary" according to Fox 59,

Young Man From Detroit Makes An Unlikely New Friend

Azizi Jasper who lives in Detroit but grew up in Grand Rapids is many things. Describing himself as an Author, Community Strategist, Campaign Director, Artist, and also a Social Worker, he was caught off guard recently when doing something most people would ignore, and it turned into him making the most unlikely of friends. After leaving his office for a lunchtime chiropractic appointment he saw a little old lady getting rained on, seemingly bewildered in the parking lot. It turned out she had forgot where she parked.

Fact or Fiction: The Urban Legend of Leonard, MI’s Dunn’s Tomb

The Urban Legend of Dunn's Tomb in Leonard, MI was possibly one of the biggest and most well known haunted myths of the Rochester area as far back as I can remember. It could be compared to the urban myth that Elvis was seen in a Kalamazoo Burger King in the 80's or even the well known dark history of the Black Path. Either way you look at it, this seemingly harmless burial site has been the center of a lot of rumor which most likely never happened. But that's what makes it an urban legend. Could it be a total fabrication, or is there some validity to this story?

What’s Happening With One Of Lansing’s Killer Breakfast Spots?

Do you follow one of Lansing's most elusive restaurants on Facebook?. No, I'm not talking about Mr. Taco...I'm talking about Golden Harvest. If you don't you probably should. And if you do follow Golden Harvest on Facebook, you'll be happy to see that they announced that they are open and are serving up some delicious food. But as of right now, they aren't serving up their typical breakfast and brunch selections of omelets, biscuits and gravy, and waffles.

Aerosmith Cancel Summer Vegas Shows as Steven Tyler Enters Rehab

Aerosmith have canceled their first set of 2022 Las Vegas residency dates so Steven Tyler can seek treatment following a relapse. "As many of you know, our beloved brother Steven has worked hard on his sobriety for many years," the band wrote in a statement shared on social media. "After foot surgery to prepare for the stage and the necessity of pain management during the process, he has recently relapsed and voluntarily entered a treatment program to concentrate on his health and recovery. We are truly sorry to inform our fans and friends that we must cancel our first set of Las Vegas residency dates this June and July while he focuses on his well-being.

14 Lansing Area Farmers Markets You Need to Check Out

There's no doubt that supermarkets are definitely convenient. You can get your groceries, home items, clothes, and more all in a one-stop shop. But there's just something about shopping local that can't be beaten. That's why I absolutely love a good farmers market. Local Farmers Markets. Farmers markets are a...

Wonderful Ways to Honor the Fallen This Memorial Day in Lansing

Memorial Day is a day to take time to reflect, appreciate and honor every man and woman that has given the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. Freedom is not free. Someone gave their life for you and me. We enjoy our freedoms as U.S. Citizens because of the willingness of these brave men and women. I am grateful for them and their sacrifices.