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Forget Universal, Play With Dinosaurs This Summer in Maine

Yes, Universal is home to "Jurassic Park," where you can relax on a water ride and see dinosaurs, get turned upside down on the Velocicoaster, and even come face to face with Blue (velociraptor). Did you know you do not have to travel that far to see some dinosaurs? You can actually see and hear some cool dinosaurs in Maine.
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Do We Have Gay Bars in Maine?

We used to have Styxx in Portland but that closed down years ago and we really don’t have much to replace it with. We’re no Portland, Oregon but if you walk down our streets you’d think there would be a lot more gay-friendly places given our demographic.

Augusta Maine Police Want You to Be More Like Megan and James

That might actually be the point. Megan and James are not celebrities. They don't have a huge following on TikTok - they are just kind Mainers. We need more stories about kindness, That's where the Augusta Maine Police Department steps in to recognize two not so ordinary people. According to a Facebook post by the Augusta police, Meghan and James saw an older gentleman on Water Street take a pretty hard fall. They were in their car and pulled over to help. They didn't have to, but they did.

Attention Foodies: North End Italian Feasts 2022

The North End in Boston, MA, is also known as Little Italy. If you have not been, there is so much to explore, especially for your taste buds. The North End is home to some amazing bakeries, pastry shops, restaurants, and gelato. Many locals, as well as tourists, visit the...

‘The Ultimate Metallica Show’ – Playlist and Recap – June 26, 2022

I'm not necessarily the best at math, but, by my estimation, Sunday night's show (June 26) was our 25th episode of The Ultimate Metallica Show on CYY!. Thank you for hanging with me every Sunday night as we celebrate all things Metallica. In celebration of our 25th episode, we listened to Metallica's latest Vinyl Club release, St. Anger Live Rarities, and we also spun a couple of amazing covers, including Royal Blood taking on "Sad But True" and quite possibly the coolest cover ever from Soundgarden's Chris Cornell.

These Are The Most Popular Home Styles In Each New England State

When you look at homes in Maine, they have a kind of character that other places in the country don't. There are many homes that are nearly 100 years old and can take you back in time just looking at them. That might be why a recent study found that one particular style of home is preferred more than any other in Maine and no other state ranks it most preferred.

Got a Special Occasion Coming Up? Order a Maine Lobster Roll… Cake?

Whether you’re from Maine, you’re one of the loyal tourists, or you’ve never been, you’ve at least heard about our lobster. It’s good, it’s fresh, and it has made quite the name for itself. So much so, that you’ll find it on every Red Lobster menu around the country and see lobster food trucks roaming the streets slinging our delicacy.

For Those Mainers Who are Struggling To Come Out

Maine has proven to be forward thinking and has come a long way with equality. We are still struggling with homophobia but we have been able to become a community that will not tolerate hate. I love that about us. This article will highlight a few coming out stories and...

One Historical Inn In Maine Has A Chillingly Haunted History

Countless amounts of people have traveled along Route 1A in Maine from Bangor on their way to Ellsworth and Bar Harbor. Through twists and turns, you'll come up to a picturesque hilltop opening with a majestic colonial building sitting atop known as the Lucerne Inn. The inn has been maintained since it was built in 1818, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and still operates today hosting guests, weddings and other events. But after decades of strange noises, shadows and other occurrences being reported by visitors, the question was asked, "is this place haunted?". And of course, there's a story.