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20 Remakes and Sequels That Were Better Than the Originals

As moviegoers, we all intuitively understand that the main reason a sequel or a remake gets made is because a studio senses an opportunity to earn some money. (As moviegoers, we also intuitively understand this as the motivation behind most non-sequels and remakes from Hollywood too. Hollywood is generally not in the business of producing things out of the kindness of executives’ hearts.) The holders of the rights to a classic movie or show believe there is an audience for a new version of something, and so they produce one. And that’s how we get a new Predator or a new Star Wars or a new Avengers or a new The Equalizer or a new Dumb & Dumber and so on and so forth.

Woman held at knifepoint saved by Hackensack, NJ good Samaritan

HACKENSACK — A 21-year-old man is in custody after police say his attempt to kidnap a woman at knifepoint was thwarted by a bystander who chose to intervene. The 52-year-old victim told the Hackensack police that she was near the intersection of Passaic Street and First Street around 3 p.m. when her attacker approached her with a kitchen knife. Capt. Michael Antista said the man forced her to walk two blocks in an attempt to get her into a house, but someone heard her scream.

Woman hospitalized by homeless man in brutal Lodi, NJ attack, cops say

LODI — A homeless man is accused of beating a woman in a Bergen County deli and leaving her hospitalized with a brain bleed. According to a criminal complaint, 63-year-old Anthony Iavarone showed "extreme indifference" when he left the victim bleeding and unconscious. Charges indicate Iavarone and the victim knew each other before the incident.

New Jersey named second best state to live in

What's so great about the Garden State? How about coming in second for the best places to live in the entire country? That's where New Jersey placed in a recent survey by Wallethub. The purpose of the survey was to help people find the best and most affordable place possible...

The Addams Family Is Back in the ‘Wednesday’ Trailer

Of all the fictional characters out there, there may not be one better suited to being the heroine of a Tim Burton movie (or TV show in this case, although supposedly the TV show is going for the feel of a long Tim Burton movie, so maybe it’s a moot point) than Wednesday Addams of The Addams Family. The look, the hair, the attitude; if she did not exist already, Tim Burton would have to create her.

Martin Gets His Dream Job

This spring MATT MARTIN was hired as the head football coach at his alma mater Toms River South, replacing his uncle Ron Signorino Jr, who had stepped down after 11 seasons on the Indians sidelines. For Martin, who had served as an assistant throughout his uncle’s tenure, this is his first opportunity to be a head coach and he does so at the same place where his grandfather Ron Signorino Sr. went 124-63-4 during two successful tenures.