Just a Guy Relaxing in a Grocery Cart in Hackberry, No Biggie

Sometimes in life, you just need to slow down and take it easy. At least that's what they say. I really don't know who THEY are, but this guy seems to know them well. Abbie Delcambre was riding down Hwy 27 to God's country of Hackberry, Louisiana when she saw this guy on the side of the road kicking back in a random shopping cart. Of course, it's a sight to see and MUST be documented as such. She posted some screenshots of the video to share on Facebook, and that's when things get a bit more interesting.
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Lafayette Satire FB Page Suggests Atchafalaya Speeding Challenge

We are almost 2 weeks into August and 2 weeks since the speeding fines on the Atchafalaya went into place. The law started on August 1 of this year and states that traffic will be monitored and if you are caught crossing the basin bridge in under 18 minutes, you could receive a heft fine by doing so. Now, I haven't been over the basin since this whole law went into effect, but the word on the street was the cameras have yet to be installed. There is now a pretty good solution to beat those fines.

Anne Heche Dead at 53 Following Car Crash

Following a tragic car crash that set fire to a home and left her critically injured in a coma, actress Anne Heche has died. Firefighters at the scene said Heche was talking as they transported her from the wreckage to the ambulance, and a viral video circulated of the accident, showing a person speculated to be Heche moving on a stretcher as it was being loaded into the ambulance.

Tropical Disturbance To Skip Louisiana, Drench Texas This Weekend

A tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico will just squeak by the Louisiana coast going into the weekend, heading to southeast Texas for a weekend of drenching rains. There's a slight possibility of further development of the system, but it won't be anything close to the major tropical storms that wreak havoc on the Gulf coast this time of year. However, the incoming rains will be extremely helpful to that part of Texas, which has been under a drought recently.

The 10 Weirdest Bob Dylan Songs

When it comes to Bob Dylan, it's best to expect the unexpected. Never one to play by the rules, Dylan's six-decade catalog, which ranges from blues ballads to religious rock to standard selections, implies that there is no rule book when it comes to his music. Trying to make sense...

‘She-Hulk’ Was Denied the Use of Some Marvel Characters

With She-Hulk on the way shortly on Disney+, fans are speculating about which other heroes and villains will make appearances. That being said, a few of them are completely off the table. In some cases, rights issues get in the way. In others, we really don’t know exactly why they're off limits. The best hint we've gotten is because it could potentially complicate where those specific characters are going in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Woman Claims She Came Back From the Dead, Met Jesus Christ

Betty Eadie, 78, medically died after undergoing a hysterectomy operation. However, her alleged experience in heaven has her wanting to go back. According to Inside Edition, Eadie said the afterlife was so lovely that she would "quite happily die tomorrow." "I was in the recovery room and suddenly felt every...

Son Grows Out Hair to Make Wig for Mom With Brain Tumor

A mom is turning heads thanks to her loving son, who decided to grow out his hair to make her a wig after she lost her hair during cancer radiation treatment. Melanie Shaha of Gilbert, Ariz., told TODAY she began experiencing dull headaches in 2003. After a series of tests, doctors identified a benign brain tumor about "the size of a plum," which was affecting her pituitary gland.

Anne Heche ‘Not Expected to Survive’ After Car Crash

Anne Heche’s chances of survival are looking extremely low after a car crash that took place on August 5. Heche’s car crashed into a home, resulting in a huge fire that took an hour to put out, battled by over 50 firefighters. On August 8, her publicist released a statement explaining that Heche was in a coma, in an extremely critical condition.

10 Great Movies That Started Filming Without A Finished Script

Before a movie begins filming, there’s quite a few matters that need to be taken care of first. First, the budget needs to be planned out ahead of time. The cast needs to be booked and the shot list needs to be scheduled. And, of course, the script needs to be written ... Right? Not always. In fact, there are some incredible movies that began production without a completed screenplay. Some were intended to heavily feature improvisation from the actors, while others were simply running behind due to production hiccups.