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These Vehicles Forever Changed How Wars Are Fought

Russian losses are mounting as the war in Ukraine drags on – not just troop casualties, but equipment as well. Military tracking outlet Oryx reported that over 5,000 Russian tanks, fighting vehicles, and personnel carriers have been destroyed, damaged, captured, or abandoned as of early August.  These vehicles are crucial to Russian operations, and each […]
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The Best Amazon Prime Original Movies in the Company’s History

Action blockbusters, comedies, musicals, and more – streaming platforms show movies in every category. And it’s not just a matter of acquiring other studio productions. Like other platforms, Amazon makes its own films, too. The company has invested heavily in original movies, sometimes released exclusively on Prime Video but sometimes also, more recently, in movie […]
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47 States Where Gun Sales Fell The Most

The FBI started in the early 1990s to post gun background checks data by state every month. Firearm background checks are often used as a proxy for trends in gun sales, although the FBI notes that they are not a one-to-one comparison, with estimates for 2021 gun sales being roughly half the background check estimates. […]

How Germany’s Rhine River drying up is a red flare for emerging markets

This summer’s twin paradoxes of massive flooding and receding rivers and reservoirs opened a dangerous new channel this week with news that some $80 billion in economic trade along Germany’s Rhine River could soon be impeded as shallow waters prevent ships from carrying oil and gas to energy-staved Europe. Rivers and reservoirs drying up aren’t […]

The 10 Deadliest Battles in World History

War is never pretty, but there can be levels even to the cruelty and ugliness of war, with some almost inconceivably horrendous. Such levels can be measured by one macabre metric: the number of deaths in a battle.  To determine the 10 deadliest battles in world history, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed Deadliest Battles In Human […]

These States Have The Worst Gun Laws

Gun Background Checks, a common proxy used to measure gun sales, reached 18 million through July of 2022. That figure is down substantially, by roughly 27%, compared to the same period in 2021. Still, gun sales in most years since 2010 have risen year over year. The issue of gun control is challenging in the […]

Best Amazon Prime Original Series of All Time

With high-speed internet widely available to most Americans on a variety of devices, instantaneous enjoyment of countless hours of television is more or less always a click away. Like Netflix and other streaming services, Amazon Prime now produces original content. Their first effort was “Alpha House,” a political comedy starring John Goodman, that premiered in […]

States With the Most Gun Purchases Per Person

Americans have more guns than anywhere else in the world, and gun sales in the U.S. continue to eclipse those in any other country. This is true both in terms of absolute sales and gun ownership by person. The fact that both measures are true is staggering. America, without any question, is the gun sales […]

Here’s How Every War In US History Ended

It seems like America has been at war virtually the entire time since its birth in 1776. Most of the conflicts where Americans have given their full measure culminated in victory, yet not all of the wars ended in complete triumph. (Also see, 19 wars Russia has lost from Ivan the Terrible to Vladimir Putin.) […]

Zeus: The coming takeover battles for the climate transition

(David Callaway is founder and Editor-in-Chief of Callaway Climate Insights. He is the former president of the World Editors Forum, Editor-in-Chief of USA Today and MarketWatch, and CEO of TheStreet Inc.) SAN FRANCISCO (Callaway Climate Insights) — It happens in every bear market cycle. As the market begins to recover, and stocks are cheap, the […]