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Take A Scenic Illinois Road Trip To These 10 Hidden Gems

Pack up the car, there's no way you've seen all 10 of these. Believe it or not, fall is about to come knocking on our door. While the season does seem to be getting fleeter (fleetier?) every year, it's still the most beautiful time of year in Illinois. The trees change colors, the rolling hills of the Illinois Plain make the perfect setting for this circular track that will take you to all corners of the state.
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Wisconsin Dog Park Takes Trails To Two Pet-Friendly Beaches

And now, for your semi-regular (non-paid) Wisconsin tourism feature. If you're enjoying the beautiful nature that Wisconsin can afford, then I recommend checking out some more sites here, here, and here. But you're most likely here for the dogs and/or the dog parks. But first a confession. I may have...
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Popular Ice Cream Shop Creates Peachy New Flavor for Rockford’s 815 Day

The perfect old-fashioned homemade ice cream shop just revealed a brand new flavor for 815 Day that pays tribute to one of Rockford's greatest treasures. There have been a few rumors over the last couple of weeks that the flavor creators at one of the area's most-loved ice cream shops was going to be creating a special flavor to celebrate '815 Day' and today, we finally get the details.

Local Baker Whips Up Delicious 815 Cookies In Time For Rockford’s 815 Day

If you love supporting local businesses, now's the perfect time to jump into 815 Day!. Every year since I can remember, this has been a big day in the Stateline. All across the Rockford area, 815 Day really celebrates the city, shopping local, and especially supporting small businesses! Who's your favorite local business in the Stateline? I'd have to say... Humble Bee Bakery based out of Machesney Park.

This Huge Pretzel Served In Wisconsin Is As Big As Steering Wheel

If you've got the taste for a pretzel, I mean a really big one. Then this is well worth the trip to Wisconsin. When it comes to salty snacks, my favorite of all time is easily pretzels. My dad was a big fan, so that's how I was introduced to the tasty treat. Of course, I love them all. It doesn't matter what shape or size. I really enjoy the rods. My favorite pretzel has to be a big soft one. Like the kind you get at a sporting event. I will also accept pretzel bits. Those are at the top of my list for bar appetizers.

Make Sure NOT To Visit These Illinois and Missouri Attractions

There are just some places you just don't want to visit this summer. Now that we are smack dab in the middle of winter, I am sure we are all dreaming of spring and summer and vacations and warmer weather. Well, there are a few places that you will want to avoid visiting because they are considered the worst attractions to visit.

Website Claims To Have Found The ‘Ugliest’ Town in Illinois

We know that there are beautiful cities and towns in Illinois, but there are also some that need renovation. Chicago was named the Most Beautiful City in the USA, and there have been several cities in Illinois that have many on the Most Beautiful Towns in America, but there is also a list that I think towns don't want to be on The Guliets Cities in Each State. Every state has one and for Illinois that town is Riverdale. Travel website quoted a Riverdale native saying,

One Website says they found the Best Dive Bar in all of Illinois

Inherently if you say you found the Best Dive bar in a certain city or state then you probably haven't because a truly great dive bar should be impossible for major websites to find. But that didn't stop this one site from claiming they found the best dive bar in the Land of Lincoln, and from the looks of it...they may be right.

This Ark Airbnb is an Easy Day Trip from Missouri & Illinois

Ever wanted to sleep in a building that resembles Noah's Ark? You can and it's an easy day trip from pretty much anywhere in Missouri or Illinois. Of the thousands of Airbnb's I've seen, this might be the most unique of them all. It's an ark that's really a home and it's located in the northern part of Tennessee in Springfield which is basically just to the east of Clarksville. This place has become so famous, it was even featured in an article in Southern Living.

Summer Fun Is Ending Early For One Illinois Pool

As I sit here wearing a sweatshirt in August, I am bummed to learn that one Rockford pool is closing for the 2022 season early. Is it because it's stupid cool right now for August? No. Is it because pool attendance has been low this summer? I don't think so.