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Two Michigan Residents are Suing Kroger for Not Smoking The Gouda

This cheesy lawsuit is no gouda for Kroger. Warning: I apologize in advance for all of the cheese puns you're about to consume. On August 13th a lawsuit was filed in Michigan against Kroger claiming they are deceiving their customers with the packaging of their smoked cheese. It's not the smoke cheese isn't smoked enough. The problem is that the gouda isn't actually smoked at all according to the lawsuit obtained by Legal Newsline,
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A Look Back at the Historic Fox Theatre: Detroit, Michigan

One of Michigan’s most historic and revered structures is Detroit’s Fox Theatre. It will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary: opening in 1928, it was billed as “The Most Magnificent Temple of Amusement in the World”. The ten-story, C. Howard Crane-designed mammoth structure was built as...
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Astonishing, One Star Reviews For Lansing Area Restaurants

Reviews for businesses are always good to read before I decide on where I spend my money. I don't take all reviews seriously. I believe that when people have a good experience, their review is honest. I think that when there is a negative review, people are agitated when they write the review and they take their "human" sense out of the scenario.

The Big Ten Doesn’t Need Notre Dame

On Thursday, the Big Ten finalized its new TV rights contract, worth an industry-altering $7 billion over seven years. The deal reportedly has escalators built in that will increase the payout once USC and UCLA formally join the conference in 2024. The payout will also increase if the Big Ten continues to expand.

Beware: If You See a Violinist Playing in a Parking Lot, It Could Be a Scam

Street performers enjoy sharing their talents with wide-eyed crowds who may donate a few dollars in exchange for the impromptu entertainment. However, police are urging people to be aware of their surroundings, especially during street performances. Scammers are reportedly now disguising themselves as musicians, specifically parking lot violin players. According...

Dangerous Wildlife You Should Avoid in Michigan

Did you know there are at least 8 animals you should avoid right here in Michigan? I've lived here all of my life and have tried to avoid every single one of these dangerous critters. If you have a major fear of spiders like I do, then prepare yourself to...

Magic Johnson Used To Be The Poster Boy For Lansing Ice Cream and Novelty Shop

A name and a place that are basically synonymous would be Earvin "Magic" Johnson and the Michigan state capital, Lansing. Lansing is the birthplace and hometown of Magic and as he may be a celebrity in the world, he is a living icon in his city. His legendary tale starts way back in the streets and parks of Lansing before moving on to become one of the greatest point guards in NBA history.

The ‘Ghost’ Town of Meauwataka, Michigan

Meauwataka (Native American for “Halfway”) is a little burg in Wexford County's Colfax Township. It's considered to be a ghost town (a shell of its former self) by some, even though there's still a general store and a few residences. The town was named after nearby Meauwataka Lake,...

Five of Michigan’s Unsung and Unforgettable People

It's no problem remembering some of Michigan's celebrities - Burt Reynolds, Stevie Wonder, Alice Cooper, Steven Seagal, Gerald Ford, and many, many others who became actors, musicians, singers, or politicians. But what about the ones whose fame was fleeting? The ones that time seems to have swept under its rug?...

How In The Hell Did Hell, Michigan Get Its Name?

I was born in Detroit but grew up in Howell, Michigan which is located in Livingston County. I remember as a kid hearing about a town not that far away called Hell, Michigan. I always wondered how did Hell, Michigan get its unique name, and recently I stumbled upon some theories of how the name came about.

What’s Going On This Weekend: Classic Cars, Dogs, Fairs & More

Summer's nearing its end, but there's still time to get out and enjoy what Mid-Michigan has to offer this season!. Here's a look at what's happening around the region the weekend of August 20-21, 2022. Danish Festival. Danish Festival 2022 is happening in Greenville through Sunday (August 18-21). The event...