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Low Water Levels at Rifle Gap Reservoir Force the Boat Ramp to Close

As Western Colorado moves through the dog days of summer, many are noticing the low water levels in our rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. In Grand Junction, many have noticed the low water level of the Colorado River at Las Colonias River Park. Earlier in the year, Highline Lake had to delay the opening of its boat ramp due to low water levels. Here in August, we have word that low water at Rifle Gap Reservoir has forced an early closure of that access point.

Hike This Trail for the Best View of Colorado’s Independence Monument

Exploring the overlooks on Rim Rock Drive is a great way to enjoy the Colorado National Monument. In fact, I recommend seeing it for the first time from the overlooks. Once you have enjoyed that, start making plans to hike into the monument on foot for a breathtaking view of the canyons and rock formations from below. Today we will be looking at photos from the hike to Independence Monument from the Wedding Canyon entrance.

Denver Broncos President Joe Ellis Steps Down

The Denver Broncos officially have a new owner as the Walton/Penner Group got official and unanimous league approval and is now officially running the team. After decades of being led by Pat Bowlen, the team's ownership situation has been volatile and quite frankly a mess so this announcement is a big step in moving forward as an organization.

The Farmers’ Almanac is Predicting a Rough Winter for Colorado

As the sweltering heat from a Colorado summer starts to subside, fall and soon enough, winter will start to creep in. Day by day, we'll start to see the change. Are you ready for winter? Because it is coming. According to the Farmers' Almanac, it could be a tough one too. For the 2022-20223 winter forecast, the Farmers' Almanac used three key descriptors. You can be the judge as to what type of winter we could be in for.

Artist Creates Amazing, Giant Flying Trout Above Colorado State University

You would definitely have needed a bigger boat if you were to actually catch this fish, made in the sky over CSU. Lots of lemons, too. The patience that it would take to reel in a giant trout, is most-likely unmatched by the amount of patience this artist had to create this piece. There must have been more than a few people that saw the lights, and wondered what was going on.

How Did Benson Sculpture Garden in Loveland Get Its Name?

The annual "Sculpture In the Park" show at Benson Sculpture Garden in Loveland, Colorado, draws tens of thousands of visitors every year. How did it all begin?. There are nearly 175 sculptures that grace Benson Sculpture Garden in Loveland, Colorado. If you were to try and estimate how many hours or artistry have been put into those works, it would probably reach into the millions.