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Michigan Has Two State Fairs; So Do These Other States

If you didn't already know it, Michigan has TWO State Fairs. In fact, the first of the two - the Upper Peninsula State Fair - is happening this week in Escanaba. The second of Michigan's State Fairs, understandably happens in the Lower Peninsula, but hasn't always been in the same place.
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Giant Slide Returning To Belle Isle In Detroit Friday August 19th

The giant slide is one of those things we all have memories of as kids which was either really good or terrifying depending on how you composed yourself. For some it was a moment of great excitement, flying down the steel rollers with lightning speed. But for some of us (me) it was when you went into it with the greatest of intentions, but composed yourself in a way where once you hit the ramp, you'd fly and land SMACK down on the bars and continue to bounce down. But it was so worth the pain.

Watch This Tearful Gifting of a New Air Force Jacket To A Michigan WWII Veteran

They say there are some things that money can't buy, but then there are things money can buy that mean way more than people may realize. Recently siblings who are Vicksburg, MI natives purchased a jacket which was an Air Force replica for their grandfather who was a Sergeant, Third Class but sadly lost his jacket in a fire. The family came together and actually re-created the jacket he lost with all honors. Unfortunately they were denied a real WWII jacket, but the thought was too much for the veteran to keep from tearing up.

A National Co2 Shortage May Cause A Local Beer Drought

Imagine this. It’s Saturday afternoon, you’ve just finished mowing the lawn, and you decide to take a quick drive to the party store for a six-pack of your favorite beer. The problem is, that kid at the counter informs you that your particular brand isn’t currently available, due to a supply chain issue. “A problem?”, you may ask. “Ya.”, the pimply-faced kid replies, “Some kind of gas thing.”

Did You Know Bill Murray Owns Two Caddyshack Restaurants?

If the name Carl Spackler means anything to you, you might be excited about this news. I had no idea, but there are two “Caddyshack” themed restaurants. One is in the Chicago area; another in St. Augustine, Florida, but the Chicago Tribune reports a third location, in partner Bill Murray’s hometown of Wilmette, may not happen.

Kalamazoo Police Chief Coakley Put On Administrative Leave After Charges Leveled

City of Kalamazoo Public Safety Chief Vernon Coakley has been placed on paid administrative leave by City Manager James Ritsema after allegations of harassment were been filed by city employees against Coakley. Coakley has been relieved of all Public Safety authority and responsibilities. In conjunction with this investigation, the City of Kalamazoo has hired an outside, independent investigator to carefully investigate the accusations.

Southwest Michigan Could See 125 Degree Summers In 30 Years

The past few summers here in Southwest Michigan have been blisteringly hot, some of the hottest summers that we've had to date. We've seen long days of clear and sunny skies, high levels of humidity, and the ever-dreaded rising temperatures. We used to have great summers, where most of the days were in the 70s, with a light breeze, and a few clouds; fast forward a few years and you can feel the heat before you even step outside.

Local Hartford Speedway To Host Cannabis Crown Festival This August

Southwest Michigan is having its very own cannabis festival this weekend at Hartford Speedway. The Original Cannabis Crown festival is an on-site consumption festival where local vendors and growers have the chance to experience, share, and sell cannabis to any 21+ year old adult. Along with the cannabis related activities and competitions, there will be music, art, and other work by local businesses and vendors.

Tallest Human Ever Recorded Was Born in Illinois, Died in Michigan

As fate would have it, I first crossed paths with Robert Wadlow a few weeks ago in Farmington, Michigan. No, I didn't meet Robert in person. Rather, I encountered a life-size replica of this marvel of a man at the aptly named Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum on the east side of the state.

This Cali Man Struggling With Michigan Town Names is So Relatable

If you've lived in Michigan you're whole life, watching people try to pronounce local town names is probably a little amusing. After all, how hard can it be?. Well, as someone who lived outside of Michigan until two years ago, let me tell's PRETTY HARD. Of course, this is coming from someone who lived in Florida where we had towns like Apalachicola, Kissimmee, and Wewahitchka so...who am I to talk?

Wounded Iraq War Veteran From Pennfield Goes Viral on TikTok

One-Eyed Jack shows us several Southwest Michigan towns as he takes us to work every day on TikTok. The man that goes by @oneeyedjack on TikTok currently has 22.4 thousand followers and 318.5 thousand total video likes on the popular social media app. Warning: some of the videos below do contain curse words.

Kalamazoo Growlers Eliminate Traverse City Pit Spitters; Head To Divisional Championship

For the first time in franchise history the Kalamazoo Growlers are going to the Great Lakes Divisional Championship. Last night they shocked the Northwoods league by eliminating the clear favorite to win the championships, the Traverse City Pit Spitters, with a 9-5 victory in Traverse City. The game was neck & neck until the 6th inning where the Growlers brought in 4 to go up 8-4, which was enough to pull away with the W, as the recap explains:

What Are These Unidentified Abandoned Ruins in Newaygo, Michigan?

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property. I can't find any information on what these ruins in Newaygo used to be. They are not the remains of the abandoned Rowe Manufacturing Company – those ruins sit alongside the Muskegon River. But these crumblings are back in the woods on Brooks Creek, a tad southeast of the Rowe factory.