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Report: Amtrak Passenger Train Has Derailed in Missouri

There are multiple reports that a passenger train from Amtrak has derailed near Mendon, Missouri as it was traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles. UPDATE: CNN now reporting that at least 50 people have been injured and there are multiple fatalities. ORIGINAL STORY: KMBC in Kansas City is reporting that...

Longest Go Karting Track in Missouri is A Few Hours Away

Go Kart racing is BIG around here, but there are a ton of tracks in Branson, Missouri that people from all over love to race on. Including the longest track in the state. Welcome to the Xtreme Racing Center in Branson, Missouri home to the largest and longest go-kart racing track in the state. The track measures 3,5000 feet of pure racing concrete and not only is the longest track by the fastest track in the U.S. Each heat is about six minutes long with twists and turns throughout the whole track.

A Powerful new Illegal Drug mix has now been found in Illinois

According to a report, there is a new Narcan-resistant drug that has shown up in Central Illinois, and this drug brings with it a serious risk of seizures and death. The best way to avoid drugs and a potential drug overdose is by simply not doing illegal drugs, and taking the drugs that are prescribed to you in the proper way a doctor recommends using them. For years now first responders and others have had the miracle antidote Narcan which can bring people back from an overdose with a single shot saving countless lives. But according to a report from, there is a new Narcan-resistant drug that has shown up and it is deadly, in an article on their site they say...

See Inside a Trippy 1967 Camper Next to Missouri’s 12 Mile Creek

Were you around in 1967? I found a camper that was. It's an Airstream that sits next to Missouri's 12 Mile Creek near Fredericktown and you really can stay in it. This groovy, trippy (feel free to insert your favorite 1967 word here) camper is one of the most unique Airbnb's you'll find in Missouri. It's a true throwback hosted by Misty. Here are some pics of what luxury camping was (kinda) like 55 years ago.

Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade

In a landmark decision on Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court is overturning Roe v. Wade, the decades-old ruling which legalized abortion nationwide. The decision came while the high court was considering a case out of Mississippi where the state attempted to ban abortion after 15 weeks. Conservative Justice Samuel Alito...

Midwest Boy Gets Greeted Everyday After School by His Huge Dog

If only everyone were as loyal as this boy's dog. A new video share shows a Midwestern boy who gets greeted everyday after school by his huge loving dog. Based on the video description, this is the routine for a family in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Maggie the family dog goes out and watches the little boy get on the school bus then faithfully waits for him to return.