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Idaho’s Most Famous TikTok Star Lands First Acting Gig in Hulu Series

In one of the darkest, most depressing years in recent history this Idaho man was the bright light that we all so desperately needed!. In September 2020, Idaho’s own Nathan Apodaca, better known as @420doggface208 on TikTok, broke the internet by posting a video of himself skateboarding to work while drinking Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry and lip-synching Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 hit “Dreams.” The 22-second video was labeled “a vibe” by the thousands of people who commented on it and it went viral all over the world. To date, the original video has over 13.4 million likes and netted 137.8K comments.
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Unbelievable: UFO Sightings Are Out of Control in Idaho

Idaho's most recent UFO sighting reportedly occurred May 31, 2022 in Boise. The report, along with three "authentic" images, were uploaded to the National UFO Reporting Center database on June 22nd. The Boise resident who witnessed the event claimed a paranormal, illuminated sphere appeared in the night sky around 10 p.m. and hovered there for approximately 20 minutes.
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Boise’s Top 10 Rated Restaurants for Cheap Eats in 2022

There’s no doubt that this summer has been well…expensive!. Gas prices were over $5 for a pretty significant amount of the summer. Parents were expected to spend 8% more on back-to-school shopping this year. According to Fortune, parents were expected to spend $661 per child on back-to-school clothes and supplies. Thanks to record high inflation, we’re all spending more. But as prices go up, do you know what doesn’t? Many Boise residents’ paychecks!

It’s National Potato Day! How Do You Like Your Spuds?

It's a big day across the country, and an even better day here in the state of Idaho. Why is that? It's National Potato Day! Nobody does potatoes quite like Idaho. Idaho is known for its potatoes. No other state can hold that title. We know potatoes are a big deal here. However, potatoes can be consumed in many different ways. Which one is best? I ranked them!

Idaho’s Coming Water Shortage Could Mean The End of Grass Lawns

Idaho's relentless growth is starting to stretch the state's limited natural resources. The state's population has grown to historical levels due to two factors. Many folks are tired of living in a city or state that doesn't represent their beliefs and, along with high taxes, have moved to Idaho to live in a state that champions traditional American values. The second reason for Idaho's growth is the migration of workers who left their homes but not their jobs due to the pandemic. In other words, did any state benefit more from remote workers relocating than Idaho?

Rangers Say They Found a Human Foot Floating In Famous Yellowstone Hot Spring

There isn’t a lot of information right now, but Yellowstone Park Rangers have found a human foot in a shoe floating in one of the park's hot springs. On Tuesday, a park employee found the foot floating in the Abyss Pool in the West Thumb Geyser Basin in the Southern part of the National Park. The hot spring was temporarily closed after the discovery and no other information has been provided. Abyss Pool is one of the deepest hot springs in Yellowstone National Park.

13 Generic Substitutes Idahoans Hate to an Uncomfortable Degree

Public Service Announcement: Idahoans hate off-brand groceries. In life and in the grocery store, Idahoans keep it real. And we're not ashamed of it. Just like teachers prefer Crayola crayons over the Rose Art reject alternative, we show up for real Kraft Mac & Cheese and the one-of-a-kind high only real Oreos can provide. And it doesn't stop at food. When it comes to toilet paper, only the most divine quilted quality comfort will do for our high-class ass. Our sh*t tickets have a higher thread count than Martha Stewart's fanciest linens.

Boise Talk Show Host Reports On Life In Mysterious Oregon City

When we last off, your humble correspondent began his journey west looking for the American work ethic. I'm presently embedded in Lincoln City, Oregon. The city is one of many on the Oregon Coast that enjoys revenue from thousands of tourists who flock to Ocean front hotels and condos. The beaches are filled with children, older adults, and many dogs chasing seagulls. The cold water attracts a working-class cohort that makes their pilgrimage to its shores.

Will Idaho Catch A Special Summer View of The Northern Lights?

Idahoans and residents of surrounding states could be in for a very special treat this evening and tomorrow night. Thanks to a series of geomagnetic storms, Idaho is among several states that will potentially have a summertime view of the Northern Lights. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration...

Zoo Boise’s Adults-Only Party of the Year is Next Week!

There's a common perception that "back-to-school" means parents finally get a "break" from the kids. But, ask any parent if that's the case and they'll simply laugh. From getting the kids back onto a set schedule, all of the school shopping for the year, helping with homework, and so much more; parents have a lot to keep up with this time of year.

Girl Scouts Are Rolling Out A Brand New Cookie In 2023 And Idahoans Are Going To Love It

As if you needed another reason to look forward to Girl Scout Cookie Season, the Girl Scouts just announced they're going to be offering a new cookie in 2023!. This is something to get excited about, because it's going to be a sister-cookie to one of our favorite classic cookies. I'm already planning my order because I know I'll be trying it this year. In 2023, the Girl Scouts will be offering...

Famous People Idahoans Say They’d Want to Go to Lunch with!

What famous person would you want to have lunch with?. This is always a fascinating question to ask people, and I’ve loved seeing your interesting responses. Curious about who y’all would want to meet, I posted a few questions on Facebook and Instagram Polls asking you to share with me who (which famous person) you'd like to go on a lunch date with, where you would take them, and what you would like to do!

Boise State Offers T-Shirt Jersey Sales For Fans of Any Player

Boise State football season is about to be back and fans all across the State of Idaho are ready for the blue turf to have action on it once again. Even if you aren't a Boise State fan--just having college football back in action for many will offer a sense that "everything is right in the world" once again.

7 Shocking Truths No One Tells You About Boise’s Beloved Pronto Pups

The Western Idaho Fair returns to Expo Idaho, on August 19-28. Many are excited about the rides and concerts. We're most excited about the FOOD!. The Western Idaho Fair is celebrating its 125th Anniversary this year. According to the fair's website, it began in 1897 under the name "Intermountain Fair." Back then, fairgoers could look forward to agricultural events, horse racing and rodeo events. Rather than the epic concerts that the fair hosts at the grandstand today, the acts included war reenactments and plane performances.