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Idahoans Are Paying More Than Ever For Favorite 4th Foods

It seems that every summer season has its way of defining the months spent between spring and fall. In the sixties, they called it the summer of love. A few years ago, during the pandemic, it was the summer of shutdowns. The summer of 2022 could be called the summer of inflation and high prices for every item known to humanity.
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What is Boise State Football’s Future, Pac-12 or Big 12?

Boise State football fans are trying to figure out what's next for their team amid the news that USC and UCLA are leaving the Pac-12. Wishful Bronco fans wonder if the Pac-12 could invite Boise State to join their beleaguered conference. Although Boise State joining the Pac may be a long shot, who would've thought that USC and UCLA would ever leave for the Big 10?

Washington and Oregon Now Control the Pac-12

The fallout of USC and UCLA leaving the Pac-12 continues to resonate throughout college football. It appears for the time being that Oregon and Washington will not be leaving the Pac-12 for the Big 10. The power of who controls what's left of the Pac-12 now goes transfers to Washington and Oregon.

Photo Surfaces of Nipsey Hussle’s Alleged Killer’s Swollen Face After Being Beaten

A photo of Nipsey Hussle's alleged killer sporting matching black eyes has surfaced on the internet. The murder trial for Eric Holder Jr., the man accused of murdering Nipsey Hussle back in 2019 has ended, with the jury now deliberating on the outcome. On Friday (July 1), a photo of Holder in court looking badly beaten surfaced. In the picture, both of Holder's eyes appear swollen as well as his jaw. He also looks to have bruises on his face. XXL has reached out to Eric Holder's attorney and confirmed the picture is accurate.

See Photos of Some Creepy Native Idaho Bugs

My son and I found this unique and fun looking leaf bug hanging out on our front door. We carefully caught it in his little bug aquarium with some leaves and sticks and kept it for 1 night. We then let it out in the backyard the next day. The bug was fine we got to see it up close and personal for an evening and let it go back on its way. We were fascinated by the leaf like veins and tiny little suction cupped feet.

The Most Mispronounced Place in Idaho is…

If you live here you most likely don't have to think twice about how you are pronouncing things because you have heard the names and places enough to know how to say them properly. Think about a time you were visiting somewhere else and mispronounced a street name or town name because you just didn't know better. You very well may have said it wrong to a local and they were too nice to correct you. Or they just waited until you went on your way and then laughed at the ignorance.

Cardi B Wants to Get Her New Music Promo Over With So She Can Get a Tummy Tuck

Cardi B is ready for her next venture. For, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper is now ready to go under the knife after she gets promotion over with for her new music. Taking to her Instagram Stories on June 30, she shared that she is planning on getting a tummy tuck after she initially got liposuction back in 2019. "This stomach, is giving tummy tuck," she said while showing off her outfit to fans.

Donald Trump Allegedly Threatened Sweden With Trade Sanctions Due to ASAP Rocky Arrest – Report

Donald Trump allegedly threatened Sweden with trade sanctions due to A$AP Rocky's 2019 arrest. On Friday (July 1), TMZ published a report about Sweden's Justice Minister Morgan Johansson commenting on his alleged interactions with then President Donald Trump. According to the report, Trump threatened the European country with trade sanctions if the Harlem, N.Y. rapper was not let out of jail.

The 13 Best New Hip-Hop Songs This Week

Week in and week out, there are plenty of brand-new rap songs, no matter the time of year. It can be really difficult to stay aware of what's out and also what's hot, so XXL decided to make things much easier for you. Instead of sorting out nearly everything that released this week, we've narrowed it down to strictly the best of the week, saving you plenty of time.

KenTheMan’s 2022 XXL Freshman Freestyle

KenTheMan is a self-proclaimed "rap best friend." She makes the kind of confidence-boosting music that puts bad days on ice. Reclaiming the superpower within seems a lot more attainable with her assured rhymes as the soundtrack. The Houston rapper, who earned a rightful place on the 2022 XXL Freshman cover this year, brings those emboldened bars to her Freshman freestyle.

Idaho’s Average Income Is…Actually Good?

No matter where you look, if you look up "money" or "income" on the internet, the results as of late aren't spectacular. It's hard out here in these streets for most people. That is, unless, you live in Idaho. Let us explain. Idaho's minimum wage is currently $7.25 an hour....

Use Caution! 15 Important Fireworks Safety Tips For Fourth Of July

The 4th of July can be one of the best times of the year. However, if you're not careful it can very quickly turn into the worst day, not just of the year, but of your life. If you're going to be lighting off fireworks, instead of watching a show put on by professionals, you have got to be careful. For your safety and the safety of those around you, please make sure you know what you are doing before lighting them off.

The Game Recalls Seeing His First Dead Body at 7 Years Old

The Game had a rough upbringing in Compton, Calif. During a recent podcast episode, he recounted a story of seeing his first dead body at 7 years old. Game appeared on the Full Send Podcast in an episode that aired on Thursday (June 30). During the sit-down, the "Eazy" rapper discussed his harrowing childhood in grim details.

The Best Chicken Wings in Boise, I have a bone to pick…

Here’s your friendly reminder that today is International Chicken Wing Day, so make sure to treat yourself to some amazing chicken wings. Keep scrolling for lists of the best chicken wings in the Boise area 👇. Honestly, the best way to celebrate is by getting together with some friends...

Boise’s Barber Park Air Stations Are Gone For Good

It used to be that you could bring your deflated raft to Barber Park before floating the river. It was convenient because you needed the extra room in your car for the third or fourth person who would float with you. Once you got to the park, you could use the air stations to inflate your raft, and off you'd go. You may have to wait for one of the air stations to open up, but you aren't on a schedule, so it wasn't a big deal.