Two Adorable Tennessee Tiny Homes Make Perfect Vacay Getaway & They’re For Sale Together

Tiny homes are becoming a trend all over. People are downsizing and destressing their lives. These two Tennessee tiny homes have a rich history and come as a packaged deal. It's always awesome to find out the home you lived in has a story behind it. The tiny homes were built by Mr. Churchwell who owned a Bed & Breakfast at the end of Memory Lane. It almost sounds like a children's storybook doesn't it? Mr. Churchwell built both homes before the 1996 Olympics in hopes that people would come and stay in these homes while they were in town.
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These 11 Kentucky Glamping Sites Are Fall-Ready…Just Like You, Right? [PICS]

I haven't camped a whole lot in my lifetime, but I've enjoyed it every single time. There's nothing like cutting yourself off from the world and vegging out. Whether it was in a cabin in a ravine in southwestern New Mexico or on a large plot of land in Grayson County that had to be "bush-hogged" before we could use it, it's an amazing time. (Seriously, at the Grayson County site, NONE of us could get a phone signal. I guess that's what disconnecting and decompressing is all about.)
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Illinois is Hosting the Second Annual Sasquatch Festival

Who knew Sasquatch and Illinois had such a strong bond?. Have you ever caught a glimpse of North America's most elusive cryptid?. Harrisburg Illinois is known to be the "gateway to the Shawnee National Forrest" so it's only fitting that it would be home to the Shawnee Sasquatch Festival. Shawnee National Forrest is a short drive from the Tri-State and there is SO much to do there.

Youth Baseball Challenger League Hosts Golf Scramble Before Taking the Field This Fall in Evansville

There really doesn't seem to be much of an offseason for the Highland Baseball Challenger League - if they aren't busy playing games in the spring and fall, they are busy with other events that raise money and awareness for this amazing program. One of those big fundraisers is coming up before the end of August, just a few weeks before the Fall league starts up.

Learn About Evansville’s Past Residents With Cemetery’s Annual Twilight Tour

Oak Hill Cemetery has a really unique fundraiser coming up, and it turns out you can learn a lot about some of Evansville's past residents!. Oak Hill Cemetery on Evansville's east side is home to thousands of Evansville past residents. Thanks to the Oak Hill Cemetery and Arboretum Twilight Tour which takes place in October, you can learn about the lives of a few of these past residents. The tour is a walking tour through the cemetery where live reenactors will tell you about different people who once called Evansville home.

Spotify Launches Its Own Concert Ticket-Selling Platform

Yet another company has entered the ticket-selling market — the massive streaming platform Spotify, which has just launched its own Spotify Tickets website to sell concert and event tickets directly to their listeners, rather than redirecting them to other vendors such as Ticketmaster. "Your destination for live events by...

Massive Taco Festival Coming to Louisville This October

If you are a taco fanatic, you have got to check out the Louisville Taco Festival happening later this year. Everyone loves a good taco. In fact, just typing in the word "taco" makes me want to eat a few of them. Luckily, there will be a huge taco festival coming up in Louisville, Kentucky where you can indulge in as many tacos as you can handle.

When Will Spirit Halloween Open in Evansville?

Halloween will be here before you know it, and that means that the iconic store, Spirit Halloween will be opening soon. This year has really flown by. It seems like yesterday, we were all counting down as the ball dropped to ring in 2022. In a little over two months, Halloween will be here. That means that you'll be seeing a lot of Halloween candy, decor, and costumes on the shelves at stores all across the Evansville area if you haven't already. One thing that has really taken off in the past few years is the popup Halloween store, Spirit Halloween...but when can we expect to see it opening up in Evansville this year?

Alice in Chains Have Black Metal Merch Now

While Alice in Chains may not be the first band you think of when it comes to black metal merchandise, the group actually does have a black metal hoodie for sale on their current tour that embraces the black metal artistic aesthetic. As shared by Reddit user superfuzz30, Alice in...

Pyro Tech Recalls What Caused James Hetfield’s 1992 Burn Accident

Metallica's 1992 co-headlining tour with Guns N' Roses was not without its fair share of chaos, particularly the show at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal where James Hetfield suffered second-degree burns as a result of a pyrotechnics accident. Pete Cappadocia, who was working as GN'R's pyro tech on that tour, has recalled what caused the Metallica frontman's accident in a new interview on the Appetite for Distortion podcast.