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Montana Ranks in the Top Ten in the Nation in Hiring Struggles

You've likely seen signs on doors of restaurants and other businesses in Montana telling people that the business is short-staffed. It's been that way for a while, I started seeing them around the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's hard to have employees if you aren't operating at normal capacity, so it makes sense. But, some businesses are still struggling to hire new employees in Montana. So much so, that Montana ranks in the top ten worst states for hiring in the nation.

Officials Say Deep Draw Fire South of Billings is Still Smoldering

The Deep Draw Fire is now 75% contained, according to the latest update on Inciweb from incident commanders. The fire was reported on August 12 around 8 pm near the Carbon County and Big Horn County line, approximately 10 miles east of Bridger and miles south of the Yellowstone County border. The photo above was taken from a post the agency released on Tuesday evening.

Photos: How Woodstock ’99 Progressed Into Absolute Chaos

The original Woodstock, which took place in August of 1969, was an important weekend for the counterculture movement, and featured performances from some of the biggest musical acts at the time. Organized by Michael Lang, it was meant to be three days of "peace and music," and while its initial...

Billings Woman Could Face 40 Years, $5 Mil Fine for Meth, Fentanyl Trafficking

Monday, a Billings Woman pleaded guilty to charges of trafficking methamphetamine and fentanyl on the Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation. Chantel Marie Azure, 33, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute controlled substances. Azure faces a mandatory minimum of five years in prison, and a possible maximum of 40 years in prison, along with a $5 million fine, and at least four years of supervised release.

Montana Trucker Miraculously Survives Being Crushed by His Load

Just loading a normal haul of posts. As a career self-employed trucker, it's as routine as it gets. And then it's not. We received word from the community of Plains, Montana, about the life-changing ordeal that truck driver Steve Blanchard is currently facing. And as small-town communities do, the people of Plains are answering the bell with Steve in his fight to survive.

High Aurora Activity Predicted For Next Few Nights in Montana

It is crazy to think about the science behind earth's magnetic poles. Earth is basically one big molten chunk of iron and nickel. That molten metal creates reverse poles, which create the earth's electromagnetic field. It is our electromagnetic field that protects every living creature from radioactive particles in space. Think of it as, what sci-fi movies call, a "force field" or "shield."

The 10 Weirdest Van Halen Songs

Van Halen had more than their share of contradictions. They began life as a party band but were also home to one of rock's most inventive musicians in guitarist Eddie Van Halen, who spent countless hours toiling in isolation perfecting both his craft and instruments. Their fun-loving music, videos, fashion sense and personalities served as the template for a generation of bands, yet they were also at the center of two of the nastiest breakups in rock history.

Montana Congressman Reacts to Hageman Victory in Wyoming

As I told you earlier, Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT) was one of the first Republicans in Congress to call for the ouster of Liz Cheney from her leadership role. So, how did Montana's lone member of the US House react to the news that Liz Cheney has now been ousted from Congress by the people of Wyoming?

Zinke: Put the FEAR Into the Fed Bureaucracy

Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is looking to serve Montana in Congress once again, and his first piece of legislation is EXACTLY what is needed in this country. We have a federal bureaucracy that has run amok. They've run amok under Democrat presidents, and they've run amok under Republican presidents.

Montana’s Ice Caves, a Cool Way to Chill Before Summer Ends

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks recently released the July - August 2022 issue of their publication, Montana Outdoors. The special edition is available on newsstands everywhere for $4.50, or you can view the online version HERE for free. It's been nearly a decade since they released the first special edition of the publication, which features 100 things to "see, do and learn to fully experience Montana's mountains, rivers, state parks, trails, wildlife, and fisheries."


July was a record month for recreational marijuana sales in Montana. $19,172,146 was sold last month breaking the previous record of $17,268,597 sold during the previous record breaking month of June. To date, Montana dispensaries have sold $174,608,495 combined between recreational and medical marijuana. It was also a record for...

Huge Mistake Shows Most of Western Montana Should Belong to Idaho

Have you ever wondered why states are shaped the way they are? There was actually a History Channel series dedicated to explaining the history behind why each state is shaped the way it is. Some of the stories were very interesting. With state lines being drawn due to wars and politics. For other states, they got their shapes simply because the survey crews ran out of patience.

These Are the Top 10 High Schools in Montana for 2022

With the 2022-23 school year fast approaching, we're seeing students prepare all over our cities in Montana. The website has been preparing for the year as well. They've analyzed all of our high school's average test scores and statistics such as diversity, teacher-to-student ratio, health and safety, and clubs and activities. From this data, they've compiled the top ten public high schools in Montana. Here's the info.