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Where To Find The Best Pretzel Bites In Kalamazoo

Appetizers have become one of the most versatile foods we have to offer, from eating one as a snack, prepping for a meal, or even just making a meal out of appetizers, people love all different kinds of shareable items. Boneless wings, onion rings, chips and dip, and mozzarella sticks are a few of the favorites, but one appetizer has been gaining a lot of traction recently.

West Michigan Library GoFundMe Raises $110,000 and Remains Open

After Ottawa County voted to defund a public library because of LGBTQ-inclusive books, they raised over $110,000 to stay open. Some residents in Jamestown Township didn't like that the Patmos Library had an LGBTQ-themed graphic novel. So much so, that they started a campaign to vote no on the millage renewal that the public library needs to stay open according to Bridge Michigan,

Why is Howell, MI So Obsessed With Melon Ice Cream?

I was recently catching up with a friend of mine who grew up in the Howell area. We were talking about upcoming summer plans when she mentioned the Howell Melon Festival. Having grown up in southwest Michigan, I'm not too familiar with the Howell area and I've definitely never heard of the Melon Festival.

Moment of Sportsmanship During Little League Game Goes Viral

Texas is wild about its youth sports. Fiercely passionate. Recently in the world of Little League baseball, the Wylie Abilene team had an outstanding season making it all to the Southwest Regionals. Unfortunately, they lost to a very powerful Tulsa National team. However, there's no denying these young men have...

Why Millie Bobby Brown Stepped Away From Social Media

Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown is now getting candid about her hiatus from social media. In a new interview with Allure, she shared that she had been in a relationship with TikTok personality Hunter Ecimovic, but that she decided to cut ties with him in January 2021. However, he would go on to claim later on that the two were in a "sexual relationship when Brown was a minor," Entertainment Tonight reports.

Disney Has More Worldwide Streaming Subscribers Than Netflix

Since the inception of streaming movies, Netflix has been the industry leader. They essentially popularized the concept when they transitioned their DVD by mail business to stream movies directly to customers’ homes. And since that move began in 2007, they’ve been number one. To some, the word “Netflix” is almost synonymous with streaming, the same way people interchangeably use “tissues” and “Kleenex.”

The Disney Plus Subscription Price Is Going Up

It seems the dreaded “skimpflation” is even making its way over to your beloved streaming services. Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ are all seeing price hikes. Streaming services raising their prices and being modified to include new tiers is nothing new, but people really aren't too excited about this one. Before, Disney+ was a flat rate of $7.99. Now, that structure is changing.

Unidentified Flying Object Seen in Vicksburg. Can You Explain It?

Okay, we really need to figure this out. In the early hours of Wednesday (8/10) morning, a cylindrically shaped light was spotted in the sky in the Vicksburg area. The person who spotted it is asking to remain anonymous. To be clear, they're not claiming this is a UFO or spacecraft of any kind. They genuinely want answers about what they witnessed.