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Boost Your Kid’s Mental Health in 3 Easy Steps

In a world filled with violence, sadness, and constant change, it can sometimes be hard to see the good in life. However, as a parent, teaching our kids to be hopeful will not only make them more resilient human beings, but it also lessens their chances for developing depression and anxiety disorders later in life.

Why Does Tom Green County Have An Odd Shape?

It's unavoidable. When looking at a map of Tom Green County, the first thing that stands out is the odd shape. There is a long, rectangular panhandle off the northwest corner of the county roughly 2 by 24 miles that extends far westward. The story of how this so called...

This Multi-Million Dollar Tyler, TX Home Comes Complete with an Elevator

Here in Tyler, Texas we've got our share of beautiful homes. We love living lavishly here in The Rose City and this wonderful English Tudor is a shining example of that. This meticulously maintained home sits on just over 3.5 acres of manicured grounds. From it's 23 ft. vaulted wood beamed ceiling to the hidden storage this house has it all, including an elevator and wine cellar.

The Best Advice for Those Looking to Move to Texas

Texas is known for being one of the more affordable states to live in, so many people have been moving from more expensive places, like California and New York. In Texas, folks from the coasts can still get the big-city feel in Austin, Houston or Dallas. For those of us...

These Are The Most Dangerous Roads in Tom Green County

The upcoming 4th of July weekend is one of the biggest highway travel holidays of the year. Each year in the U.S. thousands lose their lives on highways across the U.S. Unfortunately, Texas has a reputation for dangerous highways. In fact, Texas consistently ranks as the 4th Most Dangerous State in America for drivers. Only Florida, California, Arizona and South Carolina are worse than Texas for driving.