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Zac Efron Stars in Firestarter 2022 Remake Based on Stephen King’s Thrilling Novel

A disputed photograph has since circulated showing author Stephen King bending down on a knee while child actress Drew Barrymore lights his cigarette with a match. The photo, in my opinion, is pretty iconic but other perspectives fight against that saying it’s highly inappropriate for a 9-year-old girl to be in that situation. But hey, times were different back then.

This $9M Maine Mansion Has Its Own Beach and Gives Off ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Vibes

I feel like one of our favorite pastimes as we grow further into adulthood is poking around the real estate listings (seemingly after binging whatever happens to be on HGTV as motivation) to see what's on the market and what prices look like. And that pastime has only grown since we've entered and dove deeper into what is still an insane seller's market, with homes selling way above listing, way above appraisal, and generally with inspections waived.

24 Rock Stars and the Foods They Love

Rock stars may have the money to afford just about anything on the menu, but that doesn't always mean they'll go for the most expensive thing. "I swear to God, on my life, that is my favorite meal in the world. I could eat it seven times a day for the rest of my life," said Dave Grohl about a certain low-budget dish that he finds when he travels through the U.K.

‘Compelling’ Video Shows Possible Tornado in NH

The National Weather Service will send a team to Charlestown, New Hampshire, to investigate whether a tornado touched down on Monday. A funnel cloud was captured by a dash cam video (WARNING: language) just before 7 p.m. that shows what appears to be a tornado forming ahead on Route 11 at the Charlestown-Claremont line and moving towards the vehicle. It then quickly dissipates as it lifts overhead.

Yuck! Here’s Why You Should Avoid Those Swim-Up Pool Bars

As warmer weather approaches, many people will be jetting off on tropical vacations to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Slapping on a swimsuit and sipping a fruity drink while wading in the warm water of a resort pool may sound like heaven, but one woman on TikTok says tourists should skip those swim-up bars and settle for sitting poolside instead.

New Hampshire Man Hilariously Trolls Text Message Scammer

Without a doubt, we've all run into this scenario way too often before where an unknown number calls our cell phone number and either mentions trying to reach us about our car's extended warranty or mentions how they're with the IRS, we've committed tax fraud and will be sentenced to jail if we don't send them $1,000 worth of gift cards.