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Police Say Drunken Hudson Valley Man Threw Food at Victim

Food is meant to be eaten, not thrown in the direction of another person standing there. Police say a local man tossed food at a victim recently during a verbal argument that spiraled out of control. Law enforcement was able to help the victim retrieve some of their personal belongings at the residence where the altercation took place. Now, this 32-year-old man is facing charges after police say he tried to physically remove the officer from the residence during the scuffle.
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Ozzy Osbourne’s Reunion With Tony Iommi Came Together in Six Days

Sharon Osbourne says Ozzy Osbourne’s surprise reunion with Tony Iommi at Britain’s Commonwealth Games happened in the blink of an eye. Osbourne actually expressed hopes that they'd take part in the 2022 games at Black Sabbath's native city of Birmingham around the time the band retired in 2017. But health issues in recent years – including major surgery that could have had severe consequences – meant it seemed all but impossible.
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Popular New Windsor Pizzeria Closes Its Doors For Good

Why would a popular pizzeria that seems to be loved by everybody close up? Well, there could be many reasons, but in this case it seems as though they did it for the good of the pizzeria and the people who run it. Sadly, Cinema Pizza on Route 94 in New Windsor has closed its doors for good, and people are not very happy. So why did they do it?

5 Places to Grab a Great Cup of Coffee in Dutchess County

There is nothing like a great cup of coffee. There’s something soothing about sipping hot, fresh coffee. Even if you’re in the middle of something you’d rather not be doing, having a few sips of coffee gives you a little break. And if you’ve got more time, a relaxing cup of coffee with a good book or a good friend can’t be beat.

Hair-Raising Surprise Found in One Hudson Valley Pond

Yikes.....not something you'd like to run into while swimming. I was looking on Facebook the other day and came across a post that reminded me of something straight out of a scary film. It took me a second to really see what was going on, but some kind of frightening creature was hiding under a rock in one Hudson Valley pond. ICK....

Pyro Tech Recalls What Caused James Hetfield’s 1992 Burn Accident

Metallica's 1992 co-headlining tour with Guns N' Roses was not without its fair share of chaos, particularly the show at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal where James Hetfield suffered second-degree burns as a result of a pyrotechnics accident. Pete Cappadocia, who was working as GN'R's pyro tech on that tour, has recalled what caused the Metallica frontman's accident in a new interview on the Appetite for Distortion podcast.

Fishkill Food Truck Drama Finally Reaches Resolution

I remember a time when it took a special occasion or event to be able to grab a meal, snack, or treat from a local food truck. Think fairs, festivals, carnivals, right? These days though, more and more food trucks have been seeking out semi-permanent locations to set up shop so that hungry Hudson Valley'ers can get their food truck fix whenever they need it.

New York Schools Must Teach Students About The Holocaust

New York lawmakers are acting after a new study showed a shocking number of young adults know nothing about the Holocaust and hundreds of hate crimes have been committed against Jewish New Yorkers in 2022. There's now a new law in New York State that will make sure students in...

Police in New York Put the Chill On Serial Ice Cream Bandit

Iced! An alleged serial ice cream bandit has finally been put in the cooler. We know it's been hot this summer, but there are better ways one can cool off. The New York Post says this alleged thief has been hitting the same upscale market over and over again during the past month. However, court records say he has already racked up 39 arrests during his illustrious career.

Deer Hunters Need To Help Prevent The Spread Of CWD In New York

Deer hunting season might not be top of mind at this moment but the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) is hoping to get ahead of the curve. This week, the NYS DEC posted many things to social media that will be important this season for deer hunters. First and foremost is the need to stop the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in New York's deer population. The continued loss of deer in our area could severely affect the local hunting season.

PHOTOS: Enjoy The Elegance of These Top Upstate New York Wine Bars

Full disclosure, I am not a wine guy. My wife is, but not me. Having said that, when she makes the call, and it is "wine night" I do enjoy going to our local wine bar for a night out. There is something special about them. They are elegant, almost all of them serve wonderful food, and I always feel, well, more educated after I spend an hour or two at a wine bar. Yes, that's the word: Educated.

5 Excellent Spots to Get Filet Mignon in the Hudson Valley

We've got the Top 5 Best Filet Mignon Spots in the Hudson Valley. If you love steak, you probably are a big fan of Filet mignon. There are many great options around the Hudson Valley to get great Filet mignon. Each year in August, National Filet Mignon Day is celebrated. The day celebrates the specialty cut of beef. We asked the Hudson Valley where their favorite restaurant was to get a good Filet Mignon and have compiled a top 5 list.