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California woman tearfully pleads to Mexico and US presidents to help find her kidnapped mom

By Adry Torres For,


A California woman is pleading to United States President Joe Biden and Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to help find her mother, who was kidnapped in the western Mexican state of Colima in February

María del Carmen López was abducted by armed men wearing hoods from her home on February 9.

One of the 63-year-old woman's seven daughters, Zonia López, held a press conference in Los Angeles Wednesday and revealed they had received an audio recording eight weeks ago from the kidnappers in which her mother can be heard begging to be rescued.

'She is pleading for her life and she names a few of my brothers and sisters,' Zonia López said. 'And she's saying, 'Please hurry, act quickly, my children, and give them what they want. My life depends on it.'

The missing woman, who has 19 grandchildren, has U.S.-Mexico dual citizenship and raised her family in the Los Angeles County town of Maywood before moving to the Colima municipality of Pueblo Nuevo about 10 years ago.

The family learned María del Carmen López had an exchange of words with the kidnappers and told them that she was not going to leave with them before they forced her into their escape vehicle.

During the news conference, Zoe López said that authorities on both sides of the border are 'disconnected' when it comes to providing timely information on the investigation.

She and her siblings are calling on Biden and López Obrador to be more hands on with the law enforcement agencies tasked with helping locate their mother.

They have not given up hope and long for the day when they are reunited with her.

'I implore you to hear my word, to feel my anguish,' Zonia López said.

'My family has endured unimaginable pain and suffering, desperately clinging for hope as the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months without any sign of my mother's safe return.'

A $20,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to María del Carmen López whereabouts.

Her children believe she is being held by a low lever criminal organization that is requesting a ransom they can't pay. was unable to confirm the amount.

'In her we find strength, love and boundless compassion,' Zonia López said. 'She possesses beauty that transcends the superficial, radiating from the depths of her soul and touching everyone fortunate enough to cross her path. Our world is falling apart without her light.'

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