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2 California Airports Named Among The Scariest Landings In The World

By Logan DeLoye,

Photo: Moment RF

Do you think it's scarier to take-off, or to land when flying in a plane? Some travelers are too brave to even notice, while others pay attention to every little detail of the process. There are two airports in California that offer a trivial take-off/landing experience.

According to a list compiled by Readers Digest , the scariest airport landings in California occur at the John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, and the San Diego International Airport. Other airports in the top 10 list include Reagan International Airport, Paro Airport in Bhutan, Barra Airport, Chicago Midway International Airport, Princess Juliana Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, Gibraltar Airport, Maderia Airport, Tenzing-Hillary Airport, and the Queenstown Airport.

Here's what Readers Digest had to say about the scariest airport landings in California :

John Wayne Airport :

"Take-offs from this California airport are often so abrupt that they’ve been compared to a missile launch. Since the airport is surrounded by residential communities, strict noise restrictions are in place. Because of this, the planes dart up steeply and quickly before cutting the thrusters, which can be jarring and unexpected for passengers."

San Diego International Airport :

"This California airport is located downtown, which occasionally makes for a nail-biting descent as the plane plunges right toward the heart of the city. Winds from the west, and mountains to the north and east, add to the fear factor."

For more information regarding the scariest airport landing strips in the world visit .

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