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The Most Infamous Crime Committed In California History

By Logan DeLoye,

Photo: Moment RF

Are you interested in crime TV shows and podcasts? Those that find particular interest in the topic may already know of the worst crime to ever occur in California.

According to a list compiled by 24/7 Wall St. , the most infamous crime to occur in California history happened in 1947, and no one was ever charged. An unidentified suspect murdered aspiring actress Elizabeth Short , (referred to the "Black Dahlia" due to the color of her hair and the clothing that she was wearing when she was found dead).

Here is what 24/7 Wall St. had to say about the most infamous crime to ever occur in California :

"When the body, severed at the waist, of aspiring actress Elizabeth Short was found in Los Angeles, police and the FBI began an intense hunt for the killer. The victim was quickly dubbed the “Black Dahlia,” possibly for her dark clothing and as a reference to “The Blue Dahlia,” a movie in theaters the previous year. Despite tantalizing some leads, including fingerprints found on an anonymous letter possibly sent by the killer (the prints didn’t match anyone in the FBI’s files), the case of the Black Dahlia has yet to be solved."

For more information on the most infamous crime to occur in each state visit .

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