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    Legendary Brooklyn school crossing guard Miss Maggie retiring — at age 90

    By Hannah Frishberg,


    Maggie Poston is finally ready to retire — at age 90.

    Since 1978, the widowed mother-of-two has been a crossing guard at PS 282 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, at 6th Avenue and Lincoln Place —- which locals often refer to as “Miss Maggie’s corner.”

    “She’s always on her post, never sitting,” Poston’s supervisor, School Crossing Coordinator Ida Ripo-Ramos, told The Post.
    Over the year’s, Poston’s post has become known as “Miss Maggie’s corner.” Stefano Giovannini

    Poston was 44 when she first started the job. Jimmy Carter was president, Ed Koch was mayor, the Bee Gees were at the top of the charts and “Grease” had just hit theaters.

    She had been working a retail job at Montgomery Ward, but the department store closed the location she was at.

    A friend told her about the open crossing guard position, and she jumped at the chance.

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    “I was looking for a job,” she recalled. “I love kids.”

    Every morning at 9:30 a.m. and then again at noon, the petite fixture is stationed at her corner.

    On a spring day, a woman pushed a stroller past Poston, then turned back to declare, “She’s awesome!”
    Even Poston’s supervisor didn’t know her real age until her birthday this past January. Stefano Giovannini

    The crossing guard acknowledged the compliment humbly, saying with a smile “Everybody knows me.”

    In the winter, she generally stands on the school’s side of the street. In the summer, she crosses over to enjoy the shade of the trees on the other side.

    Poston doesn’t mind snow much, but on “rainy days, it is terrible,” she said.

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    In over 45 years on the job, she’s hardly ever taken a day off.
    This June, Poston plans to retire. Stefano Giovannini

    “She’s got, like, I don’t even know, maybe 1,000 hours sick leave piled up. She don’t take it,” said Ripo-Ramos, who’s known her for 18 years. “She amazes me.”

    In between shifts, she walks nearly a mile back to her rent controlled fourth-floor walkup in Prospect Heights, where she bides the time in various ways but never naps in between shift — lest she be late getting back to work.

    On the weekends, she goes to church and spends time with her two children and her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
    Everybody in the neighborhood seems to know Maggie. Stefano Giovannini

    In more than four decades guarding the same intersection, she’s noticed little change.


    “It’s nice, quiet. Everybody minds their own business,” she said.

    She conceded that there’s “more traffic now,” but said everyone still “obeys” her.

    “I have no problem,” she said of the growing number of cars and drivers. “I tell them stop, they stop. I tell them go, they go.”

    When Poston turned 90 in January, colleagues were surprised.
    Poston plans to travel in retirement. Stefano Giovannini

    “I thought she was 83,” said Ripo-Ramos.

    Later this month, at the end of the school year, she’ll hang up her yellow-reflector vest. In retirement, she’s hoping to see more of the world and take a trip to Jamaica

    “I’ve been working all my life. All my life,” she said. “It’s time to travel.”

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