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Woman moves from Borrego Springs to East County due to SVP placement

By Ryan Hill,


SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – A Borrego Springs woman and her children packed up and left town before a sexually violent predator was set to movie in right across the street.

“So much, you know, anger, just disbelief that the system would allow such a thing to happen in our neighborhood,” Terri Kellmeyer said.

Kellmeyer’s new neighbor would soon be Douglas Badger, after a judge ruled the sexually violent predator was to be placed at a home on Zuni Trail in Borrego Springs.

“I had already decided, and I knew once the decision was made, if he was actually going to be living there across the street from me, there’s not a chance one single night in that house,” Kellmeyer said.

Neighbors were notified by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department that the placement would happen on or prior to May 24.

The San Diego County District Attorney’s website states Badger has been placed at the home.

Kellmeyer told ABC 10News she didn’t wait for her new neighbor to move in across the street from her home.

“I didn’t put it on the market. I just basically locked the doors. I just moved out,” Kellmeyer said. “There’s another neighbor there that’s going to put his home on the market. But really, who’s going to buy? Who’s going to buy a home next to a sexually violent predator?”

Kellmeyer said she and her three kids moved to a new place in East County.

“It’s change. And you have to just continue to roll, roll along with it,” Kellmeyer said. “I’m trying to be positive. Life goes on and we will, you know, we will move forward in a different life than we had planned.”

Despite moving miles away from Zuni Trail and the home Badger’s been placed in, Kellmeyer said she’ll still try to fight the placement any way she can.

“We need to find a better situation and a housing situation for these sexually violent predators, not in our communities,” Kellmeyer said.

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