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Billings area residents capture amazing Northern Lights display

By Q2 News,


The Northern Lights put on an amazing show over our region late Thursday night and early Friday morning. Q2 viewers captured some beautiful photographs of the display. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos.

Submitted by Julie Entenmann
Northern Lights over Red Lodge
Submitted by Jim Werth
Northern Lights from Shepherd
Submitted by Michelle Perlick
Northern Lights outside Park City
Submitted by Carla Meyer
Northern Lights over Forsyth
Alex Urbanski, submitted by Steve Urbanski
Northern Lights over Molt
Submitted by Robin Hamm
Northern Lights over the Billings Heights
Submitted by Emily Erger
Northern Lights over Acton
Submitted by Becky Davis
Northern Lights over Miles City
Submitted by Alexander Dusatko
Northern Lights over Miles City
Submitted by Sarah Sleaford
Northern Lights over Rosebud
Teresa Swarthout, submitted by Jared Swarthout
Northern lights over Fallon
Submitted by Sarah Baker
Northern Lights over Columbus
Submitted by Cyle L Oldelk
Northern Lights over St. Xavier
Submitted by Elizabeth Fischer
Northern Lights over Lockwood
Submitted by Jaime Lantis-Goerndt
Northern Lights over Baker
Submitted by Kim Yeager-Little
Northern Lights between Huntley and Ballantine
Submitted by Janet Baniewich
The Northern Lights west of Billings

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