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Lamar Jackson dropped his trade request letter right after Ravens’ John Harbaugh endorsed him as starter

By Robert Zeglinski,


Lamar Jackson shared a bombshell Monday morning.

The superstar quarterback — currently embroiled in a strange contract duel with the Baltimore Ravens — revealed he had requested a trade from Baltimore on March 2nd. (Note: Just days later, the Ravens slapped a non-exclusive franchise tag on him.)

Jackson used the letter (er, tweet thread) to pour his heart out and may as well have been saying goodbye to the Ravens in a situation that can play out any number of unpredictable ways.

Anything seems possible here for a man that has the NFL warning all 32 teams about a fake agent while sharing sad Ben Affleck memes.

Those who are fond of comedic timing and awkward moments will enjoy the twist here: Jackson revealed his trade request right as John Harbaugh spoke at the annual NFL owners’ meetings.

Not only was Harbaugh forced to field questions about Jackson’s request, he had just finished endorsing him as Baltimore’s starting quarterback.

Oh, that is so tasty; I’m so full, I can’t stomach any more:

Here’s Harbaugh trying to play the diplomat and downplay the Jackson situation in real-time:

Whichever way you lean in this player-team battle, you must admit this is unbelievably hilarious timing. If Jackson planned it like this, I have to give the move a chef’s kiss. What deliciously juicy drama.

NFL fans loved the awkward comedy of Jackson’s trade request (who they thought was behind the timing) coming at the same time as Harbaugh’s presser.

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