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Family of 75-year-old woman found in container says killer capable of 'real evil'

By Dennis Valera,


Family of 75-year-old woman found in container says killer capable of 'real evil' 02:28

BALTIMORE -- After months of holding out hope, a Baltimore family is now gripping with a loved one's death.

Versey Spell first went missing in October . Baltimore Police found her remains in a container earlier this month, but the Baltimore Police Department only publicly identified her remains on Tuesday.

Bettea Brown-Wilson said her sister, Spell, was a hard worker.

"She worked for the Orioles. She worked for the Ravens, and she retired from the [United State Department of Veterans Affairs]," she said.

As sad as it is that she is gone, Brown-Wilson hopes her sister is at peace .

"At least you don't have anymore pain, no worry, no anything. I believe she's in heaven with her father," she said. "I'm hoping she's looking down on us and saying, 'OK, you fought a good fight. You found me.'"

Spell was last seen alive at her Barrington Road home in October. Brown-Wilson remembers going there with police and, from the beginning, she saw red flags.

"When I got over there, it was like woah. [Everything was] just [in] disarray," she said. "She was nowhere to be found."

A month later, Brown-Wilson and other family and friends held a vigil, praying for Spell's return.

But, Spell was eventually found on March 3 in a container at a home on Garrison Boulevard—blocks away from her home. Brown-Wilson said when police first found the container, she had a strong feeling it was her sister inside.

"I just knew it was her," she said. "It's been five months, three weeks and some days. I've been praying all along that it'd be her so we can get some closure."

As investigators work to find whoever killed Spell, Brown-Wilson has a message for that person.

"I just think it's real evil," she said. "I hope you find your heart to regret it. [I hope] you feel some remorse, but it's done now."

Brown-Wilson thanks everyone involved in investigating her sister's death.

Anyone with information about this crime should contact Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7-Lockup.

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