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Family and community mourn loss of three children after tragic West Baltimore fire

By Stephon Dingle,


Father describes pain of losing daughter in Baltimore house fire 03:10

BALTIMORE — In West Baltimore, a front yard filled with balloons, candles, and memories stands as a somber reminder of the tragic fire that claimed the lives of three young children, including 7-year-old Skye Blue.

Stephon Dingle spoke exclusively with Skye's grieving father, Michael Blue.

As the family mourns the devastating loss, the community recalls the three children, who were cousins and siblings aged one, two, and seven. In an emotional interview, Michael Blue expressed his immense grief for his daughter, Skye, and her cousins.

Mayor Scott promises 'thorough investigation' after three children killed by West Baltimore fire 02:02

Two days after the early morning screams woke neighbors on Brighton Street, workers navigated through the heartbreaking scene of balloons, candles, and burned toys, marking the site where the children's lives were lost in the house fire.

Skye's father, Michael, who lives around the corner, received the fateful call early Saturday morning .

"I actually live around the corner from Skye, so I got the call early in the morning, like around 3:30 in the morning and I got that call and that was it after that," Blue said.

Skye, along with her one and two-year-old cousins, Nasir and Kash, died less than an hour after being transported to the hospital. Two adults were hospitalized but survived the tragic incident.

Neighbors remember the children playing in the front yard, and Michael Blue shared that he had just seen them last week.

"I been around the two young boys before, very nice little young boys, you know very energetic very full of energy - just getting started in life,"  Blue said.  "I just saw them last week, we were just over on their porch last week, you know, all of us so it's just crazy that it all happened like this."

Reflecting on his relationship with his daughter, Michael fondly reminisced about their bond.

"She was full of life, always smiling always wanted to dance, loved all her brothers and sisters, grandmothers and aunts, she was a daddy's girl man…she was everything a father could want in a little girl you know?," Blue said.

Now, all Blue has left are the memories of his daughter.  He said he's hurting, and has questions about why his daughter and her two cousins are no longer here.

"Only question I have is, what is Baltimore City going to do with the old houses with all of these dried up wires that's starting these fires in the middle of the night?" Blue said.

Michael Blue said he had one last message for his baby girl.

"I love you, shorty. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you - I'll see you when I get there, alright?," Blue said emotionally.

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