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Students and staff at BCPSS mourning due to the recent killings of students

By Brittney Verner,

5 days ago

Police have finally identified the Baltimore City School student who was shot and killed on Thursday.

This is the second student to be injured by gunfire this week and this time it happened near East Northern Parkway and McClean Boulevard.

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20-year-old Breon Traquan Ennis is the student who was killed. Sherry Christian, who's the spokesperson for Baltimore City Schools, said both students and staff are having a hard time coming to grips with this harsh reality.

“I’m at a loss. I know we all are, city schools, the community,” Christian said.

It’s the somber emotion many people feel after hearing of another city school student being shot and killed. This time it happened while the Achievement Academy student was waiting at a bus stop.

“Pushing through this profound loss, and making sure that our students and staff have the emotional support and wellness support that they need,” Christian said.

Achievement Academy is an alternative school helping those students who previously dropped out get the credits to graduate. His death marks the second city school student killed within the past two weeks.

16-year-old Izaiah Carter was murdered in Joseph Lee Park, near Patterson High School. When something like this happens, the school provides extra counseling resources for student and staff. However, the pain is no easy task to heal.

“Obviously a young person might have a hard time processing this loss. But our staff, are struggling as well because they know these students and they know the families,” Christian said.

WMAR-2 News asked if the students and staff actually take advantage of the counseling resources that are offered.

“They do and it’s hard to gauge a concrete number because it’s not like, you know, take a ticket and go, but we can tell, especially when we provide counseling in a group setting,” Christian said.

And for parents and family members who need extra support dealing with the loss of their child, school officials will help find them resources as well.

“We know that so many of us are struggling to get through what we’re experiencing, that we have and we just want to make sure that families know that we are here support for them, please reach out,” Christian said.

In addition to families reaching out to the school to be connected with counseling resources, leaders also wanted to let people know about the new 9-8-8 number that anyone can call if they’re in a crisis situation.

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