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    Humane Society recommends tips for keeping your pet safe during hot weather

    By Daily Herald,


    As Minnesotans deal with the heat and humidity this summer, Animal Humane Society is sharing tips for keeping your pets safe, cool, and comfortable:

    On hot days, leave your pet inside with the air conditioning on. If you are outside with your dog, ensure they have access to plenty of shade and fresh water in a tip-proof bowl.

    Limit exercise to morning or evening hours. Take extra care with older pets, overweight pets, and short-nosed dogs.

    Check the pavement before walking your dog. As a general rule, if the pavement is too hot for your bare feet, it’s also too hot for your dog. Stick to the grass whenever you can and remember, if you’re enjoying a summer stroll and your dog starts lifting their paws, limping, or skipping, it’s time to head home.

    Keep your pet well groomed. A matted coat traps heat. Resist the temptation to shave off your pet’s hair to keep them cool. Your pet’s coat will protect them from getting sunburned.

    Never leave your pet unattended in the car. Cracked windows won’t protect your pet from overheating or suffering heat stroke on hot days.

    Watch for signs of heat stroke, including:

    • Excessive panting or drooling;

    • Anxious or staring expression;

    • Fast pulse rate; and

    • High body temperature, which can lead to vomiting, staggering gait, unresponsiveness, and collapse.

    As soon as you see any of these signs, put cool water on their legs (running water or by standing in a kiddie pool) which will slowly and safely lower their body temperature. Avoid covering their whole body in really cold water which can cause additional problems. Then get your pet to a veterinarian immediately.

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