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Augusta restaurant dinged in health inspection for storing food improperly on floor

By Joe Hotchkiss, Augusta Chronicle,


The Georgia Department of Public Health, Environmental Health Section, conducts regular restaurant inspections to help keep residents and visitors safe.

The following is a list of restaurants in Richmond and Columbia counties that have been inspected between Sept. 12 and 18, accompanied by their scores and, in some cases, the health infractions that lowered those scores.

Disclaimer: On any given day, an establishment may have fewer or more violations than noted in their most recent inspection. An inspection conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long-term conditions at the establishment. A few more recent, follow-up inspections may not be included here.

Perfect scores

Here are restaurants in Richmond and Columbia counties that passed recent food-service inspections between Sept. 12 and 18 with scores of 100, without a single health violation:

American Legion Post 192, 1 Legion Dr., Evans

Arby's 496 , 2733 Washington Rd.

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Augusta, 1903 Division St.

Brandon Wilde Health Services Kitchen, 4275 Owens Rd., Evans

Brandon Wilde Life Care Community, 4275 Owens Rd., Evans

Captain D's 3796, 3166 Wrightsboro Rd.

Culver's, 4020 Gateway Blvd., Grovetown

Gong Cha of Augusta , 3821 Washington Rd., Ste. A

Hello Poke, 4982 Steiner Way, Grovetown

Holiday Inn Express Fort Gordon, 4087 Jimmie Dyess Pkwy.

J. Hebbard Boys & Girls Club, 2241 Wheeless Rd.

Luna 2 Pizza Base @ Putt Putt Fun Center, 3763 Martinez Blvd.

MC Hotdogs, 3102 Milledgeville Rd.

McDonald's, 2902 Washington Rd.

Orange Moon Delights, 2907 Washington Rd.

Putt Putt Golf, 3763 Martinez Blvd.

Rhinehart’s - Sub Club, 3051 Washington Rd.

Rita's Base of Operation for Rita's Mobile, 3763 Martinez Blvd.

Taqueria Mi Casita, 3935 Washington Rd., Martinez

Wicked Chic, 4086 Jimmie Dyess Pkwy., Evans

Hands in pants before serving:Ice cream place, mall eatery score low in recent round of Augusta-area health inspections

So close

Here are restaurants in Richmond and Columbia counties that passed recent food-service inspections between Sept. 12 and 18 with scores of 99, posting just one health violation. Inspectors’ comments are included:

Happy House, 3008 Deans Bridge Rd.

Inspector's comments: "Observed dirt on inside of ice machine. Increase frequency of cleaning."

Getting warmer

Here are restaurants in Richmond and Columbia counties that passed with "A" scores in recent food-service inspections between Sept. 12 and 18 followed by their scores:

Outback Steakhouse, 2949 Washington Rd.: 98

Jim Hudson Luxury Cars, 3410 Washington Rd.: 97

Chicken Fingers, 4108 Evans to Locks Rd., Evans: 97

Marco's Pizza 8326, 3513 Walton Way Ext.: 96

Cold Stone Creamery, 210 Robert C. Daniel Jr. Pkwy.: 96

Rack and Grill, 304 Commerce Dr., Martinez: 96

Pelican's Snoballs, 3644 Walton Way Ext.: 95

Smoke Show Southern BBQ Mobile Unit 2, 6001 Washington Rd., Appling: 93

Cook Out Augusta, 1801 Walton Way: 91

Wingate/Darshan Properties, 2564 Center West Pkwy. : 90

Not quite done

Here are restaurants in Richmond and Columbia counties that posted the lowest recent food-service inspections between Sept. 12 and 18, followed by their scores and, where available, inspectors’ comments. Scores of 70 and below are considered failing:

Starbucks 11118, 228 Robert C. Daniel Jr. Pkwy.: 88

Inspector's comments: "Observed no certified food safety manager for the establishment. Obtain a CFSM by Nov. 13."

"Observed milk past best by date. Monitor all date markings and ensure food is properly discarded."

"Observed wet nesting of clean dishes. Allow dishes to properly air dry before stacking."

Waffle House 226, 3042 Washington Rd.: 87

Inspector's comments: "Observed several food items (tomatoes, ham, onions and mushrooms) cold-holding above 41 degrees F. Cold-hold food at 41 degrees F or lower."

"Observed brown/black buildup inside ice machine. Clean."

Hibachi Grill Express, 3861 Washington Rd., Martinez: 86

Inspector's comments: "Observed staff member re-enter kitchen from bathroom without washing hands. Must wash hands when re-entering kitchen before starting tasks, or when switchcing in-betweeen task in kitchen area."

"Observed no consistent date marking on items in reach-in and walk-in unit (chicken wings, fried chicken, etc.). All food items must be date marked if kept in kitchen for more than 24 hours, cannot exceed seven days before discarding."

"Observed serving tongs sitting inside food product with handle touching along with rice scoop sitting on hook on wall touching. Tongs or spoons must be handle up away from product or sitting on protective barrier preventing contamination."

BJ's Restaurant, 640 Broad St.: 85

Inspector's comments: "Sanitize utensils with 50-100 ppm bleach in final rinse. Keep sanitizer on hand/at three compartment sink. Do not use dish machine for washing until properly repaired and tested."

"Keep clean: splash zone of mixer, stainless pans, ice machine."

"Reach-in food temperatures above 41 F (43-44): repair cooler, ice or transfer food to cooler at 41 F."

"Store utensils 6 inches off floor on approved shelf; eliminate excess, unused utensils."

Giuseppe's, 3690 Wheeler Rd.: 85

Inspector's comments: "Observed multiple food items in the coolers and freezers stored uncovered. Ensure all food items are stored covered."

"Observed several food items not properly labeled. Label all food items outside original container."

"Observed drinking cup used to scoop ice. Use ice scoop to scoop ice."

"Observed food items being stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler and dry storage. Store all food items at least 6 inches off of the floor."

"Observed the clipboard used to take orders being used on the pizza food prep surface while active food prep was occurring. Do not store items or use food prep surfaces for anything other than food while actively making/prepping food."

"Observed several bowls left in food items.Ensure in-use utensils are properly stored."

"Observed the mop and additional wet mop head stored in the mop sink. Hang mop to air-dry."

"Observed buildup on the plastic of the walk-in cooler and behind flour machine. Clean all food contact and nonfood contact surfaces."

WifeSaver - North Leg, 1510 North Leg: 83

Inspector's comments: "Observed potentially hazardous food cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. All time/temperature for safety foods must be held at 41 degrees F or less."

"Observed employees without hair restraints. All employees must wear hair restraints."

"Observed no inspection posted in customer view. Always post most up-to-date inspection in customer view."

"Observed mops stored to dry incorrectly. All mops must be stored to air-dry."

"Observed residue build up inside reach-in cooler in kitchen area. Clean area thoroughly and increase cleaning frequency."

"Observed food debris on floor in kitchen. Increase frequency of cleaning."

Farmer's Basket, 3450 Wrightsboro Rd.: 82

Inspector's comments: "Observed the handwashing sink not having both hot and cold water. The person in charge stated that was the only handwashing sink for the establishment. Get water at hand washing sink fixed ASAP to ensure there is hot and cold water."

"Observed no response procedures for vomit and diarrheal events. Construct response procedures for vomit and diarrheal events."

"Observed cold time/temperature for safety foods held about 41 F. Monitor temperatures of all time/temperature for safety foods foods to ensure they're held properly."

"Observed scoop handle in the ice at the front food service area. Ensure all in-use utensils are properly stored."

"Observed wet nesting of clean dishes. Allow dishes to properly air-dry before stacking."

"Observed expired test strips for chlorine. Test strips don't match sanitizer being used. Obtain the proper test strips for sanitizer being used."

Country Inn & Suites, 103 Sherwood Dr.: 81

Inspector's comments: "Keep approved sanitizer (not Clorox cleanser/sanitizer spray) on hand at pot wash sink (can use commercial bleach, quat sanitizer). None available at time of inspection. Person in charge demonstrated wash procedure without sanitizing step: wash, rinse, sanitize and air-dry multiuse utensils.

"All time/temperature for safety foods must be maintained at 41 F or below (cream cheese in display refrigerator @ 45 F: see temperature list)."

"Write standard operation procedure for time as food safety control on time/temperature for safety food to be discarded at end of service period. List all foods that time is used as control. Other foods must be held at 41 F or below, 135 F or above. (Do not need to list non-time/temperature for safety foods, such as bread; do need to list items such as waffle mix, cream cheese in display cooler if unable to hold at 41 F or below).

"Post most recent inspection."

"Repair cabinets to be smooth, cleanable. Refrigerators should be commercial-grade."

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