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Shannon Sharpe Destroys Cam Newton for Throwing at Auburn Pro Day

By Suzanne Halliburton,

Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Shannon Sharpe threw cold water all over the idea of Cam Newton trying out again for the NFL, with the Fox Sports personality passing the ex-QB’s words right back at him.

Newton will throw at Auburn’s Pro Day. The festivities are today. And to hype his appearance, Newton shared a video on his Twitter feed. In it, he asked, “Tell me, how these randoms keep getting jobs? Don’t worry about it. I’m going to show you. I can’t wait to show you.”

Well, Shannon Sharpe didn’t mince words when he addressed the idea of Cam Newton making a comeback.

Random? “In 2023, you’re one of them randoms,” Sharpe told Newton by way of his show with Skip Bayless.

It’s been a dozen years since the Carolina Panthers selected Newton as the top pick of the NFL draft. So his performances then at the NFL Combine and Auburn Pro Day were significant events. But in 2023, he’s a side show, albeit an entertaining one.

Newton’s first time with the Panthers ended after the 2019 season. Then, he took over at New England when Tom Brady signed with Tampa in 2020. His record? He was 7-8, throwing more interceptions (10) than touchdowns (eight). The Patriots cut him in 2021 and Newton spent much of the season back with the Panthers. He was out of football in 2022.

“I hate to break it to him,” Sharpe said of Newton. “The last time he won a game was 2020.”

Then Sharpe summarized several more last times … 3,000 yards (2018). The last time he started every game in a season was 2017. That also was his last playoff appearance. His last Pro Bowl was 2015, the same year he took the Panthers to the Super Bowl.

“Cam is basing everything on what he once was,” Sharpe said. “I don’t know if Cam has looked at him from 2020 and 2021, but he wasn’t good. I don’t know who is in his ear. But I’m keeping it 100.”

And there was more: “Cam, you haven’t been very good for a very, very long time … they probably not telling you in your circle. That’s how the league looks at you now. You’re one of them randoms. You’re not a guy that (teams say) ‘if we get Cam Newton, he’s going to alter the trajectory of our franchise.’ That’s not how they perceive you, that’s not how they look at you.”

Shannon Sharpe had more to say on Cam Newton. “Now the question is. … these randoms, these randoms get jobs. Are you willing to be a backup? Aww, I can be a backup, then the first thing he does when he gets there, when things aren’t going his way, “how is this guy starting in front of me?” Teams don’t want that. This is not 2015 when you led a team to the Super Bowl. You were the MVP. I want somebody to tell me that says since 2015, Cam Newton has been really good.

“How long do we get to live on what we’ve done based on what we’re going to do. … Man, we’ve got to stop this notion that he was once good. … Cam was once outstanding. But be honest with yourself. Cam is no longer anymore and he hasn’t been that player for a very long time.”

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