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Woman Issues Hookah Bar Warning After She "Contracted Herpes" Along With Four Friends

By Mustafa Gatollari,


If you're worried about contracting a skin condition you may want to think twice about ordering a hookah when you go out, even if you believe you are taking necessary precautions that would prevent you from doing so.

At least that's what was relayed in a herpes hookah storytime TikTok uploaded by a user on the platform named Krystal ( @krystalfauxshizzle ) who said that after her friends went on to party one evening, that all four of them ended up contracting herpes from the same hookah pipe.

Krystal says in her video: "If you're in Atlanta and you're a party girl or you like to club or you like to hookah listen to this story because this could change your life. So a couple of weeks ago a few of my friends hit me up and wanted to go club hopping but unfortunately I couldn't go because I had just started a new job."


I have permission from my friends to share the story, we are also sad and scared about the situation, and I feel absolutely horrible for them. All I can do now is just thank God that I wasn’t a victim of the situation. We are still not completely sure that it’s from a hookah, but that’s the only thing that makes sense right now. yall please be careful.

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Krystal continued with her story, stating in a caption for the video that she has permission from the person she's talking about to discuss the particulars of their night-out, "They went without me they had a great time they partied, ate, drank, hookah'ed, yadda, yadda, yadda."

Krystal then goes onto say that one of her friends who was partying during the evening out experienced an "outbreak" on her face that she initially wrote off as not being all that serious. "Anyways, a few days ago my friend Ava gets an outbreak on her mouth and she didn't really see it as a big deal."

However, the skin condition only seemed to worsen the following day, so Krystal's friend decided to send her a picture of the condition, and the TikToker told her she thought it was herpes: "she didn't know what it was until the next day she sends me a picture of how worse it got and I told her that it looks herpes."
TikTok | @krystalfauxshizzle

Krystal said that even though the outbreak on Ava's face certainly looked like the particular skin condition, she wads doubtful because all of her friends are "single" and "celibate."

Nonetheless, Ava's friends (Krystal included) urged her to go and get herself checked out to get an expert's opinion as to what the skin condition could be.

The young woman continued in her video that it wasn't just her pal Ava who experienced the skin condition: "Before her appointment to get checked out another one of my friend's that was with Ava that night let's just call her Ava, has the same outbreak on her mouth area. She took a picture, posted it in the group chat and another one of the girls that was there that night had like a large bump beside her lip, but it didn't grow out to be an outbreak yet."

She said that the outbreak felt "random" because none of them had discussed making out or kissing anyone knew and that they usually don't smoke or share smoking apparatuses/cigarettes that would result in them being at risk for getting herpes.
TikTok | @krystalfauxshizzle

The wheels didn't start turning for the girls as to how they could've all gotten what looks like the same herpes outbreak after the second friend, who Krystal refers to as Melissa, ends up getting her doctor's appointment before Ava.

The doctor starts rattling off all the different scenarios that could've ultimately resulted in her getting herpes, and during their discussion, they narrow it down to the fact that they all shared the same hookah at a particular club (it was the only one they smoked hookah at.) Krystal refrains from giving the name of the place because she doesn't want to be subjected to any potential legal action from the business.

It turns out that Krystal's friend group ended up taking over the hookah from another girl that they made friends with "so they didn't have to buy one."

You're probably thinking that they probably decided to raw dog the hookah tip, which is how they contracted herpes, but Krystal says this isn't the case, adding that each of the girls had their own tips that they used whenever they took a pull.
TikTok | @krystalfauxshizzle

"It is very possible that they could've gotten herpes from sharing that hookah. It makes sense when you think about it because a lot of saliva goes through the hookah pipe some people have braces, some people have cuts in their gums so the blood mixes with the saliva and the rest is history."

She ultimately said that although she isn't a medical expert, that this explanation is "the only conclusion" that her and her friends arrived at that would explain "how all four of them" seemingly contracted herpes at the same time.

Krystal finished her video by stating she was thankful she had to work that night, adding that her friends' experience is what ultimately changed her mind about getting hookah when going out.
TikTok | @krystalfauxshizzle

Different TikTokers had different opinions on how this could've happened. One user said that it was probably because they didn't have one piece of the hookah replaced before they started to smoke it up: "GUYS! THEY DIDNT CHANGE THE HOSE."

Another person said that herpes is like a lurking assassin waiting in the shadows for its opportunity to strike: "Unfortunately, because it can lay dormant, a lot of people have herpes and are unaware"

While someone else penned: "This is exactly why I never share anything I put my mouth on."

A Fox 26 Houston piece mentioned that it's possible to contract herpes from sharing hookah: "Smoking hookah is normally a social function...a nurse says putting your lips on a passed around pipe can come with serious health consequences."

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