New York Forces Citizens to Pay for ‘Stargazing Permit’ to View Night Sky in Public Parks | 2020-01-24
New York Forces Citizens to Pay for ‘Stargazing Permit’ to View Night Sky in Public Parks

New York — In the Land of the Free, if you do not pay the State in the form of a permit before you attempt to sell a product or service to a willing customer, you can and will be extorted, kidnapped and caged, with extreme prejudice. While many folks stand behind permits for selling, one permit in New York that has nothing to do with commerce, has garnered the scrutiny of the Free thought Project. If citizens of the state wish to look up at the sky and view the stars at one of New York’s public parks, they will first have to obtain a “Stargazingpermit.” Seriously.


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State Parks in New York are Superior

New York state parks, otherwise known as the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation, is the agency tasked with maintaining the vital resources across the state. New York has some of the best state parks in the entire nation, ranging from the west to the east....


First New York State Cannabis Control Board public meeting Tuesday

NEW YORK — With the appointments of the five members of the Cannabis Control Board, the first public meeting will be held Tuesday, October 5th at 1:30 p.m. The board is responsible for laying out the framework for cannabis regulations in the state. It will also oversee licensing for cannabis businesses as well as approval for any actions made by the Office of Cannabis Management.


How Citizen Scientists Are Mapping The Hottest Parts Of New York City

The forecast called for sunny skies and highs in the low 80s—mild weather by New York City summer standards. The shaded paths of Sakura Park in Manhattan’s Morningside Heights neighborhood were breezy and cool. But on the same block, the midday sun beat down on an exposed stretch of Riverside Drive, and heat radiated off the asphalt.

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COVID-19 positivity rate in New York stays below 3 percent

New York’s statewide COVID-19 positivity rate remains below 3 percent and is even lower in the Big Apple, the latest stats show. The statewide rate Friday was 2.54 percent, when measured on a seven-day average, and it stood at 1.29 percent in New York City, Gov. Hochul announced Saturday. There...

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New York City, Underwater

In 1932, an article published in The Science News-Letter proclaimed, in big, bold type: “New York Will Be Flooded by Melting of Great Ice Caps.” “New York is destined to become the American Venice,” reads the copy. “Her streets, canyoned by skyscrapers, will be filled with water to the twelfth floor.” This prediction came from the US Weather Bureau—the Earth is getting warmer, it said, causing the ice caps to melt and the oceans to rise. Someday, they warned, New York City, and all other lowland cities, would be filled with water.


GC Pay in New York Stays Strong Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Fox Corp. chief legal and policy officer Viet Dinh topped the pay rankings for New York and the U.S. Six of the highest paid legal chiefs in NY appear to be racially and ethnically diverse. Thirteen of the state's top paid GCs are women, a slight dip from the prior...


New York Public Library system will no longer charge late fees

The New York Public Library (NYPL) system announced Tuesday that it will no longer charge late fines on overdue books and other materials to ensure "access to knowledge and opportunity." Why it matters: The announcement comes after other prominent libraries, such as the Boston Public Library system and the Burbank...

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These California Cities Are Considered The Rudest In The U.S.

Five California cities made it onto the list.

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The 15 Highest Paying Jobs In New York State

You may remember when you were a kid and deciding what career you ultimately wanted. Dreams of becoming an astronaut, firefighter, or professional athlete was common. When you got older, you started to realize the more realistic career paths and which ones offered the most financial stability. When I was...


Legoland New York, the Park, Hotel and Experience

Legoland New York, the Park, Hotel, and Experience. First, let’s start with a disclaimer, I know my amusement parks. Growing up in California, I visited many and often. But as a mom living on the East Coast, amusement parks never seemed as big a deal as California’s ones. Am I an amusement park snob? Perhaps. But when LEGOLAND New York Resort announced they were opening here in New York, well, this changed the game. It is a big deal, especially for people like me, where visiting amusement parks was part of their childhood fabric. And now that we adults and one 12 year old are vaccinated, we headed to LEGOLAND!


Vaccination Nation: YouTube, Booster Shots, And New York Public Schools

Booster shots are rolling out, YouTube banned all vaccine misinformation, and New York City’s public schools put a vaccine mandate in place. Sports leagues like the NBA are struggling as players deny the effectiveness of vaccines. The pandemic death toll has passed 700,000. We tackle it all in this installment...


New York Public Library Will Permanently Cancel Late Fees: 'The Time is Now'

Now that’s something to write home about. Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, New York City has decided to permanently waive late fees and cancel existing fines for those with public library cards. The fees, which have been suspended since March 2020, will now officially be terminated. Previously, those with overdue...

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DEP Says New York City Tap Water Might Smell, Taste Different Because Of Different Supply Systems

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — If you noticed your tap water in New York City tastes different, you’re not alone. The city says it shut down the Catskill aqueduct for 15 weeks for a repair project and is now relying on water from two other supply systems. The Department of Environmental Protection says that could change the smell or taste of tap water, but it’s only temporary and completely safe to drink.

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Federal Monitor Outlines Changes At Rikers Island, Questions Leadership Ability

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The federal monitor has updated a judge about the conditions at Rikers Island. The report outlined numerous changes by the Department of Correction. They include fixing hundreds of broken locks on cell doors and suspending more than 100 correction officers for not coming to work. Still, the monitor questions the ability of leadership after 51 stabbings and slashings in September, 11 stabbings and slashings so far this month and more suicides of detainees this year than the last five years combined. Another report is expected in November.


New York City apartments with breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and Central Park

The New York skyline never gets old no matter how many times you see it. With new towers routinely added to the mix and innumerable vantage points to take it all in, the skyline always seems fresh even if certain new towers fail to rise to the occasion. As a...

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‘He died with his eyes open’: Covering the execution of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh

The authorities had been preparing for thousands of protesters, both for and against the death penalty. As it was, just a couple of hundred showed up. Those that did were far outnumbered by the media. Up to 1,400 reporters had gathered on the thick grass outside of Terre Haute Federal Penitentiary to cover the execution of Timothy McVeigh, both America’s deadliest domestic terrorist with white supremacist sympathies, and also an ordinary-looking veteran of the Gulf War, and a Roman Catholic born in upstate New York.


‘I’m Not An Anti-Vaxxer’: Mississippi Public Health President Resigns After Vaccine, Ivermectin Comments

Dr. Catherine Moring, president of the Mississippi Public Health Association, resigned her leadership role in the organization late last week after questioning the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine in a Bloomberg article, instead crediting the anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin for protecting her during her own infection. In Moring’s interview...

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Big earthquakes recently hit Hawaii and Alaska - here's what that means for California

The major earthquakes that jolted Hawaii and Alaska over the past two days caused no major damage, but rattled nerves both locally and perhaps in California — also a famously earthquake-prone state. However, the typical immediate concern — a tsunami that could travel thousands of miles and strike California’s coast...


Lazy crane operators making $250,000 a year exacerbating port crisis, truckers say

LONG BEACH, California — Crane operators who belong to a powerful union and earn up to $250,000 a year transferring containers from ships to trucks are worsening the supply chain crisis that threatens Christmas by goofing off on the job, frustrated truckers told the Washington Examiner.

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Experts Warn: California is Facing a Devastating Crisis

Nineteen out of the top twenty biggest wildfire catastrophes happened in the past two decades. The 2020’s August Complex fire was the largest recorded wildfire in California’s history. More than 1 million acres burned in just a few weeks. August Complex spread across an area bigger than Rhode Island (a whole state).

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