Update, Mexican Cannibal Killer: investigators get closer to true body count

Wess Haubrich

After extensive examination of bone fragments on the Killer’s property outside Mexico City, investigators are confident in a total body count of 17 at this time.

Investigators excavating the property of accused cannibal killer Andrés MendozaDaily Mail

You may recall prior coverage by the author here on NewsBreak about a serial killer outside Mexico City who was recently busted after his ex-girlfriend went missing while trying to break off her relationship with him.

The killer – now known just as “Andrés” [for Andrés Mendoza] – was arrested last month when authorities went to his house in the municipality of Atizapán de Zaragoza in the Las Lomas de San Miguel neighborhood west of Mexico City to look for the 72-year-old’s missing girlfriend Reyna Gonzalez – the wife of a police commander whose husband had his own run-in with Mendoza (and frustrations with fellow law enforcers – who he says drug their feet after he reported his wife missing). They found her savagely dismembered with a machete and fileted on a table in Mendoza’s house.

This, coupled with the finding of multiple, self-made snuff films Mendoza made while killing his victims, triggered a massive excavation over Mendoza’s entire property which investigators are saying now yields the bone fragments of 17 different victims over a multi-decade period. All were allegedly butchered and eaten by Andrés Mendoza.

The case is arguably more newsworthy because it also depicts corruption in Mexico’s government. Not in the investigation of Mendoza, mind you, but in Mendoza the man. To quote the author’s second update on this case here at NewsBreak, “Mendoza had ‘earned the respect of his fellow citizens and been a community leader’ in the complex geopolitical culture of the suburbs around Mexico City. Mendoza was president of the Council of Citizen Participation in the district of Atizapán.”

To top it all off, the property where all this bloodshed allegedly happened was gifted to Mendoza with his position as a civic leader.

Watch this space for more as the author hears it.

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