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Sunday hunting in Virginia gets the green light

Photo by Mara Koenig/USFWS

In a couple of months, hunters in Virginia will have additional weekend hunting opportunities. Governor Glenn Youngkin signed SB 8 into law last week, which will allow hunting on Sundays. That will open up an additional day to pursue game on public property.

Currently, Sunday hunting on turf, such as the state’s Wildlife Management Areas and national forests is prohibited. But starting, July 1, it will be allowed as long as the hunting takes place over 200 yards away from a place of worship.

“This legislation encourages Virginians to take full advantage of the many outdoor opportunities our great Commonwealth has to offer,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin via press release. “This legislation will open up new opportunities for hunters to enjoy the sport they love.”

The bill introduced by Senator Chap Peterson received majority support in both chambers. The Senate passed it 29-11, and in the House Delegates, lawmakers voted 69-28 in favor of the measure. According to Youngkin’s statement, the Board of the Department of Wildlife Resources passed a resolution last fall supporting the change.

Virginia’s leaders, such as Governor Youngkin, realize that with hunting comes economic benefits. Virginia’s sportsmen and women are a significant economic force – spending more than $1.5 billion, supporting more than 39,160 jobs, generating more than $1.17 billion in salaries and wages and $242 million in state and local taxes, the governor’s press release noted.

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