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Tom Handy

Governor Cox Frustrated with Congress Over Border Crisis, Verbally Supports Texas Governor Abbott

Utah Governor Spencer CoxPhoto byTwitter

Last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent out a request to State Governors asking for their support over the border crisis. For the past two years, Abbott has worked to stop illegal immigrants who crossed the border and detain people who carried fentanyl from Mexico.

Governor Abbott’s Operation Lone Star has made over 376,000 arrests of illegal immigrants and seized 416 million lethal doses of fentanyl.

Several Republican governors quickly responded such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Nebraska Governor Jim Pillan. In a joint letter, 24 Republican governors gave their support to Governor Abbott and the border crisis.

Recently, Utah Governor Spencer Cox shared his thoughts and was frustrated with members of Congress who have not passed any legislation on immigration.

Cox recently said:

“But states have to step in because these imbeciles in Congress can’t get their crap together to do something that everybody knows needs to be done, and that is to protect the border and to fix legal immigration.”
“All they want to do is get re-elected by pointing fingers at each other, and they divide us, and they do it on purpose, and it’s embarrassing, and they should all get fired.”

The Utah governor has not announced his plans to support Abbott but Cox shared his thoughts last year on the border crisis.

In an October news conference, Cox said:

"They carry an enormous burden, and they deserve more support. If we're not going to fix it, then we all have to be involved in helping them. Now, whether busing, flying migrants — obviously, I don't think we should be doing that without their understanding of where they're going."

You can see Governor Cox share his thoughts in this press conference:

What do you think Governor Cox will send to support the border crisis?

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